Laughter Yoga & Personal Growth Workshop

Laughter, Art Therapy, Creative Dancing and Meditation

Our monthly Laughter Yoga and Personal Growth workshop is between 1pm and 3pm Saturday afternoon 9th June.

The venue is the Senior Citizens Centre which is the building on the right at Carrington Park, 20 O’Connor Road, Knoxfield. It is a lovely place for us to gather together for Laughter Yoga, art therapy, meditation and creative dancing.

When:            Saturday 9th June
Time:              1.00pm—3.00pm
Where:           Seniors Citizens Building, Carrington Park Leisure Centre
Address:        20 O’Connor Road, Knoxfield
Cost:               $20  (concession available)

Have you ever wondered about any of the following?

♥ How to be happy without drugs or alcohol?
♥ How to bring the laughter back into your life?
♥ How to release ‘happy hormones’ into your bloodstream?
♥ How to boost your immune system and lower stress levels?
♥ How to support yourself using art therapy ?

Then find out how you can do this and more!

♥ Become familiar with Laughter Yoga
♥ Practice meditation
♥ Do art therapy for self support
♥ Get in touch with the inner you
♥ Have fun with like-minded people
♥ Use your body with creative dancing
♥ Basic Energetic Hygiene

Contact me to register, for more information and to book yourself in.