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Laughter for all – BIG and small

Why do humans laugh as we do?

Indeed we laugh at this and that.

Maybe not enough, it can start with a chat.

We all need to laugh each day, you know that!

Conventionality, long words make us ponder.

Away we go, our minds go down yonder.

Mentally caught up in everyday matters.

We think too much, our mind simply chatters.

And emotions, we feel those quite a bit.

In the emotional department, we can take a hit.

Spiritually however, we might feel so strong.

Strong in the senses, feeling no wrong.

To laugh out loud does save the day.

Make it a good habit when things go astray.

For laughter is contagious and so uplifting.

Very infectious, whether with smiles or chuckling.

Do you value the service to laugh with a friend?

Laughter whether for issues or sadness, will make amend.

It is the best medicine and will make you feel quite whole.

In such a unique way, it helps you to fill your role.

So grin away, invite your whole body to join in.

Leave no part out, not even your chin.

Laugh out loud, using your whole belly.

For belly laughs assist you to feel very jolly.

Then Google Laughter Clubs and see what you come up with.

If you need to laugh and get close, it will heal the rift.

Laughter Clubs are for people of all ages.

They come from all over the globe and go up on stages.

My final word to you, Dear Reader,

There is nothing like laughter to get you healthy,

Abundant and cheerful, light hearted and wealthy.

So go on, enquire, email, ring up or just simply turn up.

The Cave to the Rave – Damian Callinan

We went to see a hilarious show on Saturday night ‘The Cave to the Rave’ by stand up comedian, professional dancer, former drama teacher, Damian Callinan. It was really fantastic value and is doing the rounds through the sponsorship of Regional Arts Victoria and Arts Across Victoria.

So if you want to have some really great laughs, you can catch him at 8pm the 30th October at the Montrose Town Centre, phone 9761 9133.  Cost is $30 or $24 concession.  Also he is taking his show throughout country towns, which can be seen on his website. Or you can write to me, I have the list.

His website is

An Ode To Lynette

Here is a poem, which helps you to understand a little more about me, hope you like it!


There was a young girl called Lynette,
Who heard about a mountain goat named Blanchette.
She decided to change her name to Lynne,
Largely because she wanted to fit in.

After a while Lynne began to feel sad,
Because her husband started to make her feel mad.
Sometimes she was up and sometimes she was down,
Lynne came across as always wearing a frown.

She began her life optimistic, like a fairy godmother,
But over time became wretched, like the ugly stepmother.
Lynne felt so disparaged, without a glimmer of hope.
Without hope, all was darkness, no joy, no scope.

Looking for and giving love, yet living in fear,
So tired, depressed; no hope was near.
Yet she never really gave up, her spirit regained its fire.
Lynne became stronger, resourceful, inspired to move, with desire.

Start a new life with her five children and move on,
On to new pastures, new adventures of her own.
Release the old and put it aside,
Go where she need not live in fear nor hide.

And so it was a new beginning, a new start,
Not easy, but different, with a broken heart.
Over time Lynne grew strong, independent and bright,
Learning many thinks, feeling fluffy and light.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Astrology, Theosophy, painting and sculpture,
A secretary, kids, dogs, rabbits and walking with rapture.
Lynne still felt angry, resentful and depressed,

At least it was her choice now whether to feel repressed.
More new – she now went out meditating and chanting,
The singing and meditation filler her life, was amazing.

Then she went to the Back to Dandenong Town Hall dance,
Where Lynne met her husband John perchance.
Though they remembered each other, it was love at first sight.
He followed her around with mini dim sims, as if it was his right.

Commitment meant things were not always rosy,
Lynne committed to John, they were married, pink posy.
The commitment was scary,
Past experiences made it feel quite hairy.

Still she did not give up, neither did he,
Both as stubborn as they could be.
Well.  Along came Michael and Linda King,
Can you imagine for Lynne what that could bring?

There was light at the end of the tunnel,
Some purpose and plan, for her it would funnel.
A new commitment, which was easy, quite easy,
She now knew what was up, what was down, easy peasy.

Seven years later came a revelation.
Change her name back – what a new situation.
Replace the old, bring in the new, which before ‘Lynne’ was the old too.
Lynette, what a turn about, so goodbye to Lynne and hoo roo.

Now things were flowing, she felt uplifted and grateful,
Her demeanour was far from hateful and her resolve was unshakable.
Today the flow and story continues along,
Lynette feels she can do anything, except sing a song.

There is still a ways to go,
“That’s life” her mentor says, “Make it up as you go”.
And thank you dear audience for your participation,
It has been my utmost pleasure to share with much anticipation.

I remain true and benevolent, humble I reckon and heaven sent.
Love and kisses, Lynette Mitchell, your servant.