Federation Square Laughter Club

11am 1st & 3rd Sundays, the Atrium, off Flinders Street

This goes for 30 minutes and the Federation Square Laughter Club is the flagship for Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc (LCVi).

Could you do with a good belly laugh amongst a lovely group of friendly, like-minded people? Then come along for a free laughter session and be uplifted, energised, full of bubbly joy and your body will thank you for it.

Laughter is well recognised as being one of the very best activities which you can do alone or in a group, that improves the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health of individuals. We then take the spirit of laughter with us and as a consequence, have a positive effect in our relationships, workplace and society.

Volunteers from LCVi are very experienced in the art of  bringing laughter to people and share their expertise with you. The Federation Square Laughter Club is a great central starting point for your laughter journey. We meet hail, rain or shine!

The session goes for half an hour, except for World Laughter Day, which is the 1st Sunday in May all around the world. A bigger crowd comes for this event and we laugh for an hour, which includes many fun laughs, such as the loudest, best, youngest, man or woman laugh. So do make it a point of joining us and experiencing first-hand a laughter session. You will be glad that you did!

Lynette promotes and is involved with this laughter club also, being a committee member and helping to encourage people to come and experience it. Som people find it easier to go into the city, or combine it with another purpose for heading into the CBD.

You may even consider the idea of being part of the movement, which is a great joy to be involved in. Laughter truly is transformative in my life and many others. It does get you out of your comfort zone initially and ongoing, as we learn to not mind how silly we look when we behave in perhaps may be described erratic and crazy manners. It is good for the soul. Think about it. It’s so good to give it a go and share the journey with others. We can feel alone, isolated in our lives, things happen and to be in good company is a wonderful treasure.

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