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Laughter is better than going to the doctor!


We are on Facebook Live on the 1st Saturday of the month at 10.30am. This is the Facebook address:


We meet at 10.30am on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month. Check dates on the side bar, as days occasionally alter. Find us under the trees between the buildings at Carrington Park Leisure Centre, where there is cover on wet weather days and we are also permitted to go inside the building. The address is 20 O’Connor Road, Knoxfield. It is wise to book before coming the first time. There’s a downloadable brochure further down this page.

The ‘parent’ Ferntree Gully Laughter Club has been going for 14 years and the Knoxfield Laughter Club started in March 2018. It is also free as we do it outside with no overheads and the Founder, Indian Physician Dr Madan Kataria, desires all community laughter clubs be free and open to everybody without discrimination. His motto is ‘World Peace Through Laughter and from my experience, laughter is making huge differences in peoples lives.

We do not tell jokes at laughter club and practice ‘fake it till you make it’ because when we are new there may be uncomfortableness or resistance to laughing ‘for no reason’. This quickly changes as a general rule and we encourage everyone to become involved, as it’s ideal to take ourselves less seriously. Getting out of your comfort zone encourages self confidence and it’s fun, as we embrace our inner children. My husband John confirms this and says he becomes energised and to stretch yourself – use the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone; we need to keep on learning and experiencing new things. What’s more, scientific research has proven that Laughter Yoga is very good for you and is fast becoming accepted as a beneficial, even healing modality.

John shares: I love it. Sometimes I go there feeling flat and don’t really feel like laughing and when I finish, I feel great. Yay for the transformational power of laughter!  Learn More about the laughter exerises and if you decide to come regularly, this commitment helps to take the spirit of laughter with you. Your life will genuinely be touched by the power of laughter and the love that is shared amongst us, you will feel a sense of belonging which is an important quality that we seek as humans. I would love to hear from you and welcome you with an honest and open heart. Lynette xo