Laughter Yoga Therapy

Laughter is free, anyone can do it and the more you do, the better you will feel. Have you noticed how freely our children laugh? Statistically, children laugh between 300 and 400 times a day, as compared with adults 15 – 17 times a day. Laughter has never been more important than it is now because as we grow older, we become serious and lose the beneficial habit of frequent laughter. Laughter gives an immediate release of tension and uplifts the spirits. With regular laughter comes the ability to renew one’s sense of humour, get back in touch with the inner child and experience increased feelings of joy. Who could dispute that children have fun?  We need to give ourselves permission to be silly. Forget our issues and challenges and simply be silly, laughing at anything and everything, when appropriate of course and through that, we release inhibitions and learn to laugh again.

Laughter is an aerobic exercise, 100 laughs equals 10 minutes of rowing, which gives your internal organs a massage. Deeper breathing oxygenates the blood. Laughter strengthens the immune system, releases feel good endorphins, lowers blood pressure and it also brings people together. Laughter helps to open our hearts and we feel connected firstly with each other, then with our own internal self. Our subconscious mind does not recognise the difference between fake laughter and that of real belly laughter.