Laughter Yoga Testimonials

Kind Words following Laughter Yoga Sessions

  • Lynette is a wonderful and joyful laughter yoga instructor with a fantastic array of laughter yoga exercises, including humpty dumpty, laughter weighlighting and laughter archery. Would highly recommend for any team building or just fun occasion. Her husband is also a lovely man who brings a beautiful set of laughing talent to the event too. Jeremy Sher, Flying Fox.

  • The Healthy Living Workshop was an absolutely refreshing and rewarding experience for me. As a mother with heavy commitments to work and family, my mental and physical wellbeing is often neglected and seen as less important. During the workshop, the light-hearted but effective activities (such as meditation, laughter yoga) targeting stress relief allowed me to realise the importance of a healthy and relaxed mind. I am so grateful to have participated in this workshop and hope that more people (especially overwhelmed mothers!) are aware of the importance of healthy living. Cherie, Sydney. – Testimonial from overworked businesswoman. 

  • I had never done laughing yoga before but last week participated in an online zoom class. Lynette was very professional and made everyone feel comfortable, she also gave knowledge of the benefits that laughing yoga has on the body and general life. After the class I definitely felt more relaxed, happy and overall well. I have been telling all my friends about it and definitely recommend it to anyone interested. Thank you so much Lynette. Renee, Reach Out and Connect Project Worker, Orana Neighbourhood House.
  • As part of a day of learning and inspiration for the APT Travel Group’s Marketing team, we included a Laughter Yoga session with Lynette. I purposefully scheduled Lynette in the 3pm afternoon slot, as her session sounded fun and energetic – and I hoped it would beat the usual afternoon slump experienced at full day seminars.
  • After an informative introduction into the session, we were quickly involved and within minutes tears of joy and laughter were flowing. It was an energetic, lively and ultimately surprising experience. Lynette finished the session with a group meditation, and never have 25 work colleagues been so peaceful and quiet. It was like a serene spell had been cast across us.
    Interestingly, since that day, some of what Lynette taught us has become every day behaviours in the team (see video). And if someone is feeling down, an impromptu laughter session erupts. Out of all the highly regarded and interesting speakers who presented that day, Lynette’s session has created continued discussion and impacted the team dynamics the most – all in a very positive way.
    I highly recommend a Laughter for Living session with Lynette to be include in your corporate day. This session was more than a break in a conference day to have some fun – it was enlightening and enduring in its benefits.
    Fiona, Content & Web Marketing Manager, APT Travel Group
  • Thank you for the opportunity to join in the Laugh Out Loud session at the Latrobe Regional Gallery. I have had a lot of fun, learned a lot about myself in 30 minutes and also taken away some practical and important ideas to apply to my work. It was also excellent to see the E-team members there too – awkward – but excellent! Nicole Brindley, Latrobe City Council.
  • The session went very well. The focus was engagement; we had the typical situation, some people were highly engaged and motivated really quickly, they felt comfortable with all the activities and really enjoyed what they were doing. Another group felt a little out of their comfort zone and initially were not very sure because it was a PD for teachers they expected something perhaps different, this was a very different type of workshop. I looked at it from the engagement point of view, because that was the main point of our PD, it’s probably what happens in our classes also, so that if people are challenged with something that is not expected, generally they are not in the beginning very willing to participate and when they see what is happening they start enjoying it. It was very good feedback, the lead educators said the feedback in general was very positive and they were very happy with it. The meditation was good, the majority had their eyes closed and there was real participation, they were doing it because they wanted to do it and ‘were there’. Gladys Torres – AMES Australia.
  • On behalf of the Willow Lodge Village Resident’s Association we would like to thank you for entertaining our residents. It
    was noted that your presentation followed a particularly serious meeting, with residents showing a lot of concern over a current situation affecting all their finances. However, your exercises and approach, certainly made them forget their problems for a while. The pictures that were taken are a testament to their acceptance of your actions. They couldn’t help but laugh which was the point of the exercise. Thank you once again for coming to our meeting and “lightening” it up. 
    Kay Smart, Secretary of the Willow Lodge Village Residents’ Association Inc
  • My name is Catherine James, I am the Music/Library Teacher at Middle Kinglake Primary School and we have just had a session in Laughter Yoga and it has been fantastic. I think we have gained a lot from it, a very interesting approach to relaxing and a very proactive way of looking at yoga and laughter and stress, so thank you. Catherine James, Library Teacher, Middle Kinglake Primary School.
  • Thank you to Lynette for coming. It was a wonderful experience, I think we have all bonded over it quite well, there is nothing like being silly together to feel like you are a real family. Laura Aguliar, ANUM Ward 3, Monash Medical Centre, Moorabbin Campus, Southern Health.
  • Yes, Lynette has come and joined us for the Laughter Yoga. She has led our Laughter Yoga program twice now. At our company, we really enjoy the sessions and they are great for team building and really bring the company together. Paula Vope, Medical Manager, Immunology, UCB Pharmaceuticals.
  • Hi.  Lynette came and delivered a laughter yoga session at my end of year team meeting and it was a great experience. It brought the team together, we had a lot of fun mucking around like a group of children laughing and having a good time together, so I definitely recommend Laughter Yoga for your team activities or your workplace to bring everyone together and have a great time. Hanna Maxwell, Acting Executive Officer, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Flemington.
  • You are doing a very good job in everyone’s life through your laughter yoga and we hope to see you again in the future. Stay blessed and continue to spread laughter to everyone.” Shirley White, Boronia.
  • You helped us to relax and enjoy a fun and joyful experience that the team won’t forget… helped new members to bond with and get to know the rest of the team in a fun way. Vivianne, Carlton.
  • The session was very good, it helped the staff to relax and laugh, was a great help in our work which is very stressful. Like a tonic. Maria, Chandler House, Community Mental Health Clinic, Upper Ferntree Gully.
  • Dear Lynette, Thank you so much for your visit to our English class last Thursday! We all thoroughly benefited from your Laughter Yoga session. Myrella Desfosses, English Certificate Teacher, Boronia Library.
  • At Ascot Vale Primary School, 177 children from all grades experienced a laughter and meditation session. The Laughter Yoga session was followed by affirmations and a discussion on self esteem ending with a short  meditation.
    Hi Lynette, the team wants to say that it was beneficial to the kids and they had a lot of  fun, and we wanted to thank you for giving up your time. The Prep and Grade One kid’s commented as follows:
    Wil It was funny because we got to do funny stuff.  Ned It was cool. Lydia It was brilliant because I love laughing. Eleni I loved the workshop!  Niah It was awesome laughing because I laughed a lot. Big Will‘I liked the laughter workshop because I like laughing and it gives you a bit of energy. Tomas Laughter yoga workshop was fun because I like laughing It was Ace. Once again – Many thanks for your time. Lucy Blomfeld, Primary School Teacher

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