Laughter Yoga Services

Single, Break-Out, Introduction or Package?

Laughter For Living likes to serve you in the uniquest possible way. Do you require a one-off Laughter Yoga session for a special event or are you considering a regular session of perhaps fortnightly or monthly? In adition, we frequently close with a short relaxation/meditation, which is greatly appreciated by most people who are present. There are many options available, with no minimum or maximum limit on attendees.

Single Laughter Yoga Session

This is normally 30-45 minutes in length. It is an interactive session, with an introduction and easing into the laughter exercises. Laughter exercises are like play acting, or improv theatre, where we have fun and they are usually spontaneous in the way they flow according to the occasion.

Introductory Session

If may like to try it out and if you do, we discount the book for 4 or more sessions, you will receive  But how do you know it would be the best thing for you to do? Well we offer an introductory session at $100 off the regular price.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Qualified with Dr Kataria as a Laughter Yoga Leader Teacher, I can come to you and train someone within your organisation or a small group of employees who will be confident in bringing the knowing of how to construct and lead a laughter session for your people.


Book 4 or more Laughter Yoga sessions,  receive the benefits of regular laughter and at for a reduced rate. They may be as short as 15-20 minutes and prices are negotiated accordingly.

Sum Up

It depends on the event that you are having, a single laughter session may be a short 10-15 minute break-out session, which is ideal starting back after the lunch break or between heavy speakers/subjects.

A single session may be for 30 minutes or include 10-15 minutes relaxation or meditation at the conclusion taking it to 45 minutes or thereabouts.

A short and sweet single session speak to me if you would like a weekly laughter session, duration 15-20 minutes to help break the energy and bring more positivity, laughter and fun to your office. The positive benefits could be incredible!

A longer session may have a keynote address talk on your chosen topic which leads into the laughter session. Typically as Lynette’s background is in health and wellbeing, this may be on professional or personal self care.

There is an even longer session combining personal growth and laughter, which is ideal for the wonderful Carers in our community who need every bit of support that is available to them. We come along for 1.5 to 2 hours and include other holistic activities such as art therapy and games.

Packages are the booking of 4 or more sessions, which may be regular either weekly or monthly and the fee adjusted acordingly.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training I come to you to train someone or a small group to lead laughter sessions within your organisation.