Personal Growth Class

A Gentle Approach Class

Have you come to this page by chance or were you directed to it?   I love synchronicity, when we come across something or someone, as if being led to the right place and at the right time. Does this fit with where you see yourself right now?

The present Corona Virus is having a deep impact on all of us in so many ways. I believe it is nature at work, there are huge opportunities for growh when we experience the most dire hardships. We look for meaningful ways to rediscover ourselves and life. I am sure many of us will benefit and already people are opening up their hearts and communication.

Classes are run by Zoom, which you may phone in if you are not tech savvy. Monday night, contact Lynette to book in.  For your self-support, email  or phone Lynette on 0425 799 258 to find out more and book.