Personal Growth Class

A Gentle Approach Class

Have you come to this page by chance or were you directed to it?   I love synchronicity, when we come across something or someone, as if being led to the right place and at the right time. Does that fit with where you see yourself right now?

We all go through hardships and issues and may find ourselves at a different point in our journey, where we are more open to personal growth, possibily looking for more meaning in our life.

We become ready to take responsibility for ourselves and take charge of our life, learning to not be thrown this way and that by our work, family, or whatever we are doing. We look for ways to feel better, less stressed and find ways to help it unfold.

Lynette will run personal growths upon request and has a lot of positive activities/resources to share with you. Contact her to book into a personal growth class, which run at various intervals. You will be receive empowering tools to help make a big difference in your life, to move forward with ease and confidence.

When you engage with the resources, you can expect to feel lighter, full of joy and with a greater understanding of yourself and having also a greater sense of your life. Topics include Self Worth,  Creative Visualisation, Journaling, the Violet Flame Meditation and Basic Energetic Hygiene.

Telephone Personal Growth Class

If distance is an issue and you feel comfortable to engage in a telephone class, please contact Lynette to disccus this option. For your self-support, email  Lynette to find out more and book.