Energetic Hygiene Class

Why you would choose to practice Energetic Hygiene every day:

Do you feel drained and possibly working or living in situations where other people may steal your energy, or give you a dump of their energy? Then this may be of high benefit for you to learn how to protect your energy and stop it from leaking out, to stop being readily influenced by what people whom we are connected with are experiencing in their life. This will give you a basic knowledge and is a forerunner to a more extensive 6 week course that will be offered down the track a bit.

When, Where, What to Expect:

This is held either in the evening or a Saturday afternoon, in Ferntree Gully. What you can expect is to feel grateful, more peaceful and uplifted following your attendance and participation. A handout enables participants use it every day or as much as you can fit into your daily life.

Email Lynette or give her a phone call if you prefer on 0425 799 258 to book yourself in to the next Energetic Hygiene Class AND in the meantime you can go and read more about Energetic Hygiene and request the Basic Energetic Hygiene document and daily affirmations, which greatly assists people who apply themselves to looking after their energy fields.