Self Mastery Classes

Self mastery, meditation classMonday Night Self Mastery classes

You will be held in a safe place and work on bringing more joy and meaning to your life. Life is extemely challenging at times, we all go through stuff and require others to support us. These classes give you an opportunity to have another perspective and understanding of your life and purpose for living. Gently flowing, each one is different focus and will include meditation and a range of supportive topics, as well as an energy clearing meditation. Topics may be Self Worth,  Creative Visualisation, Journaling, the Violet Flame Meditation and Basic Energetic Hygiene.

Participants testify that the classes are empowering and help change one’s perspective on life, to help them feel better about themselves, to move on in life with more hope and courage. You will leave feeling more self-dependant and better able to cope.

Do you feel this is meant for you, that you were led to this page for a purpose? Is personal growth something you are up for right here, right now? I invite you to contact me via phone email and if you may like to make a time with me for a complimentary 20 minute phone call to discuss your situation.