Self Mastery Classes

Monday afternoon and evening classes – I invite you to email or phone me on 0425 799 258 for a chat to figure if this is an option to support support you at the present time. Bookings are essential and classes are ongoing weeklyat 8.00pm in Ferntree Gully. They are for about an hour and a quarter or more.

They are held in a safe environment and each one has a different focus, as well as some relaxation or simple, energy clearing meditation. Topics include Self Worth, Meditation, Creative Visualisation, Journaling, Violet Flame Meditation, Abundance and Gratitude, and Basic Energetic Hygiene.

This will be empowering for participants, who ideally decide to take responsibility for their lives, instead of looking to another. For example wanting a guru to physically, being in their presence, take on and clear their energetic fields. This can leave people dependant and unable to cope or connect with their own inner knowing.

Does that sound like fun and full of personal growth? I invite you to contact me via phone or email and if you wish to book in for a 20 minute introductory phone call, that is yet another option.

Cheerio for now, Lynette, Love and Laughter xo