Self Mastery Session

A Gentle Approach

The Corona Virus has turned our lives upside down and many of us are more willing and ready to look for answers and meaning in their lives. Perhaps to go back to old values and begin a different version of yourself. One heading on the unfolding path of self mastery.

For this purpose I share with you Self Mastery sessions. Many reading this will resonate and be ready, even for a little while, to connect and join my Self Mastery sessions, which are on Thursday evenings.

What you can expect:

In a natural, gentle way, you life will be turned around so that more and more, you will be less affected by other people’s energy, or difficult circumstances. You can expect to have more joy flowing, which will bring curiousity to your life, you will feel happier.

Each session gives you the opportunity to meditate in a guided meditation and be involved in sharing with others in the group. There are gentle resources given freely and these you can practice in your daily lives. The resources will help you get in touch with yourself in a more intimate, feeling way.

Zoom is used for the Thursday night sessions, and you can access it in many ways, even for the not so tech savvy ones amongst us. Contact Lynette for an introductory phone chat, either email or phone Lynette on 0425 799 258.