Self Mastery Class

Online Self Mastery Classes

For most of us, our life has been in turmoil and hugely restricted this year, and some of us are looking for more support and taking less for granted. Are you seeking answers to how you can feel better, to become less stressed? If you are, are you ready to start something new? I offer you something you may love, that is, self mastery classes. These are using Zoom at 8pm on Thursday evenings. If you wish to book right away to ‘try it out’ click here. Otherwise, please read on for more information.

What you can expect is in an organic way to learn how to become freeer from the effect of other people’s energy. And to feel more joy and determination, greater self respect and self love. I would love to help share resources that have assisted me over the years. These are freely given and with no demands, except to be ready for class and on time.

Each class gives you the opportunity to meditate in a guided meditation and involvement sharing with others in the group, which is not compulsory.

If you are a tech luddite, you may dial in to our Zoom gathering, although most master it using computer, smart phone or iPad or Android tablet. You are welcome to contact me, Lynette, for an introductory chat either by email or text me to make a time on 0425 799 258.

And again, if you wish to book yourself online before 5pm on the day or earlier, click here.