Free Discovery Call

You are invited to a twenty minute discovery session simply because no matter how well a website presents with it’s colours, words and images, it may not connect you with the essence of what is available to you. Reach out to me today to arrange a Free Discovery Call. 

Share below what draws you to enquire, as you wish as to which topic you are enquiring about. You can just share the number if you prefer, and/or the description of the service you are enquiring about.  

Remember to share some details, such as know your time frame, the organisation’s name and whether you prefer an email or phone call from Lynette. 

  1. Professional Laughter Yoga;
  2. NFP Laughter Yoga session;
  3. Ferntree Gully Laughter Club;
  4. Life Coaching;
  5. Personal Growth Class;
  6. Holistic Living Counselling;
  7. Crystal Healing;
  8. Qi Gong Healing.