Laughter Yoga

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga, or Laughter Wellness, is a powerful healing modality which is simple, fun and filled with laughter that works simultaneously on the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Everyone can benefit, it is an exercise where we choose to laugh, because of the health benefits. It is done without jokes or comedy and is a practice that always guarantees fun and success.

Furthermore, Laughter Yoga is a fail-safe method connecting people, that is ideal when utilised in a group activity them, allowing the magic to happen. People become energised, feel lighter, joyous, inspired, cheeky and laugh more. It works on parts of the body, physically it is a great exercise, it enhances emotions, the mental state and spirit, having many health and wellbeing benefits.

Lynette has considerable experience facilitating Laughter Yoga sessions for as many as a 1200 people conference at the Exhibition Centre, for team building days, groups in a wide variety of areas, corporate, business, NFP’s, aged care, disabilities, schools and more. Laughter Yoga is able to be used for any imaginable group in any field, such as corporate, business, community, aged care, carers, schools. It is applicable and for all people without discrimination.

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Lynette Mitchell Laughter Yoga