Holistic Living Counselling

Counselling helps to access past issues and experiences, to acknowledge and heal traumas, issues and experiences that hold you back from living your life fully, authentically, in joy and harmony.

Lynette has a Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling, the study that looks at our person as a whole, encompassing one’s body, emotions, mind and spirit.

The soul’s experiences carry from this life into the next, as we pick up from where we left off and although we seem complex creatures, there is actually a simplicity and order of nature in which we live our lives.

Are we conscious or do we live unconsciously do you think? We have been programming our subconscious mind for a very long time. It holds our stories, beliefs, conditioned habits and our self image. What is stored is frequently distorted, according to how we were at the time of dropping the memories there. The subconscious mind experiences situations literally, as truth. It is unable to understand the experiences are through filters, i.e. past conditioning and patterning from deep impacts.

Accessing, healing and clearing past unresolved issues is by far easier when we are supported by a professional, a counsellor, coach, therapist. We need another person, whom we can trust, to help us clear and heal.

We all can feel sad, depressed or stressed at times and you may be someone who would appreciate a shoulder for support to work through this period. A counsellor or coach will walk alongside you and share from their experience, learning and wisdom. It is a wise person who does not go into denial, pretending that everything is alright and potentially causing their physical body harm because of repressing and holding onto hurts and pain.

Welcome to a chance that may help you to begin to heal yourself into being a wholesome, lovable, loving human being, one you would wish to be friends with yourself! In other words, ‘Welcome home to You’.