Energetic Hygiene & Self Mastery Class

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Spiritual Alchemy

Weekly classes help us to clear our energy fields, becoming closer to spirit, are an ongoing journey of self discovery, to transmute our lower vibrational way of existing into that of a higher vibration. We do this with many tools at our disposal, the foundational resource is called Basic Energetic Hygiene. Read more in the next paragraphs about this. We learn practical exercises/practices, which support our physical body. This will energetically clear our energy fields of fear into love. In time we will become a vessel of love and light, growing in soul and higher self awareness. It is an awesome opportunity to be more of the potential that is held within you.

What is Energetic Hygiene?

“How would you expect to feel if you carried around years’ worth of accumulated debris and toxins? Probably pretty terrible. Without our being aware of it our auric field (which consists of the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body) collects and stores all kinds of things: mental debris, emotional residue, negative energy, pollutants, accumulations of old energy that has never been cleared, energy from others and stagnant energy etc. Just as we shower and bathe our physical bodies to keep them clean, so we need to do the same for our energetic bodies. It is essential that we regularly cleanse and clear our system.”

As we grow up, we usually learn to fit in with other people and slowly without realising it, become conditioned to our environment. There is learning in our life and we may reach a stage of awakening to the concept that there is more to life than what we experience. These classes will help you to get in touch with that and your feelings and learn to live your life in a different, self supporting way. 

Face-to-Face and Online Classes in Ferntree Gully

I facilitate a class in Ferntree Gully 7.15pm on Thursdays, which is  hybrid personal and spiritual growth. The class fee is $12 per class in person and $6 online using Microsoft Teams. If it is your first time to attend, ideally it’s best to make a time for a quick talk before your first visit. This helps see if we are a good fit for each other, no right or wrong, simply if it feels ‘right’ for us both. Click here to fill out the form, alternatively message me on 0425 799 258, or email lynette@laughterforliving.com.au.

If you use Meetup, you might like to join the following link to join the Energetic Hygiene & Self Mastery Class Meetup group.  

Cheerio for now and sending you love. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Participants with a history of mental health issues are encouraged to consult their regular health professional before enrolling.