Energetic Hygiene & Self Mastery Class


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Zoom Energetic Hygiene and Self Mastery Class

Do you find yourself giving in to others all the time and wish you knew how to say no? Energetic Hygiene and Self Mastery Classes will help you with holding stronger boundaries. You will be more aware how you feel and be less and less affected by how others are or what they ask of you.

We can be so easily affected by our environment and those with whom we have in everyday contact. We may get confused and not realise that we have taken on other people’s stuff and what we are feeling is because we are empathic people.

Perhaps you can resonate with these questions: Do you feel flat, depressed, lost, without hope? Have had a change, an awakening, beliefs shattered? Are you ready to learn to meditate, learn self supporting processes? Then the time may be right for you to attend these energetic hygiene and self mastery classes!

You will learn how to be free-er from the effect other people’s energy has on you. To feel joy, self determination, self respect and self love. I would love to share resources that have assisted me over the years and help those who use them.

Each class includes a guided energetic hygiene meditation, group discussions and sharing of a new resource for you to work with.  Thursday 8pm classes are by Zoom and your first two classes are free, which enables you to try before you commit attending on a regular basis. After two complimentary classes, there is a minimal monetary energy exchange.

Lynette shares her elephant pencil drawing and water colour zebras below.

Pencil Elephant Drawing