Energetic Hygiene & Self Mastery Class

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Energetic Hygiene & Self Mastery Class via Teams and In-Person

“How would you expect to feel if you carried around years’ worth of accumulated debris and toxins? Probably pretty terrible. 

Without our being aware of it our auric field (which consists of the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body) collects and stores all kinds of things: mental debris, emotional residue, negative energy, pollutants, accumulations of old energy that has never been cleared, energy from others and stagnant energy etc. Just as we shower and bathe our physical bodies to keep them clean, so we need to do the same for our energetic bodies. It is essential that we regularly cleanse and clear our system.”

As we grow up, we usually learn to fit in with other people and slowly without realising it, become conditioned to our environment. There is learning in our life and we may reach a stage of awakening to the concept that there is more to life than what we experience. These classes will help you to get in touch with that and your feelings and learn to live your life in a different, self supporting way. 

In Person Class Ferntree Gully Wednesday 7.30pm

Can you come to a face to face class in Ferntree Gully on a Wednesday night? This is for locals and those who are happy to travel the distance to imbibe such a beneficial class. Monetary energy exchange is $12 per class.

Contact me to book a free discovery call if you want to, or feel the need to chat about this, the class or what is going on for you right now, if you need to reach out for support. Click here for that. 

 Microsoft Teams Class Thursday 7.30pm

Classes include a guided energy hygiene meditation, group discussion and resource for you to work with, often a short cd/dvd spiritual discourse from a top mentor. Minimal monetary energy exchange is $5.50 per class,  payable by bank transfer. 

Familiar with MeetUp? Click the following link to join the Energetic Hygiene and Self Mastery Class Meetup group, where you can RSVP to attend classes. 

Cheerio for now and sending you love. 

Lynette shares her elephant pencil drawing and water colour zebras below.

Pencil Elephant Drawing