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Laughter clubs are now Facebook Live! 10.30am on the allocated day, go to the laughter club page or contact me to check the dates. Keep laughing, it boosts the immune system and especially, lose all fear which is the enemy of a strong immune system.

Professional Laughter Yoga sessions are available virtual, according to your requirements. Laughter is a wonderful thing to release endorphins, uplift our spirits and it is best to make it a habit. Contact me to discuss a remote Laughter Yoga session.

Laughter Yoga / Laughter Wellness

Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness as it is also known, is a powerful healing modality which is simple, fun and filled with laughter that works simultaneously on the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Everyone can benefit, it is the sort of exercise where we decide to laugh, because we can and it is done without jokes or comedy. Laughter Yoga is a practice that always guarantees fun and success, the benefits of laughter are scientifically documented.

Laughter Yoga is currently used in many areas of our culture, as in the corporate and business community, in community laughter clubs, the aged care industry, for carers – you name it – it is applicable and for all people no matter the sex, age, country. It is a mini revolution that is taking place under our very eyes! Learn more about with packages and programs, go to Laughter Yoga. Download the Laughter For Living and laughter clubs flyer: Laughter Flyer. The latest blog is available here. Would you care to receive the monthly email newsletter? Then please sign up on the sidebar.

Lynette has considerable experience facilitating Laughter Yoga sessions in many situations, such as a 1200 people conference, team building days, groups in a wide variety of areas, corporate, business, NFP’s, aged care, disabilities, schools and more. As well for 15 years she has been running two free community Laughter Clubs together with husband John for the last six years.

Personal Growth

Would like to check out the personal growth area and learn about Energetic Hygiene? As well, there is a free resource, available for the asking. Energetic Hygiene classes are facilitated according to demand. Find out more: Personal Growth.

Life Coaching

Are you going through a difficult time in your life and need to reach out to a qualified, empathic person? You probably do have your own answers, yet may wish to turn to another so as to access them and feel surety. Lynette is an experienced life coach and mentor. Sessions are 45 minutes, in person, phone, Zoom or WhatsApp. To find out more about this subject go to: Mentor Life Coaching

Laughter Yoga Classes Around Melbourne

Lynette Mitchell, Laughter Yoga Teacher in Ferntree Gully smiling because doing so gives the body a positive subliminal message of good health.


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