Workplace Laughter Yoga

Would Laughter Yoga Benefit Your Staff?

Laughter Yoga is scientifically proven to be a powerful aid which easily harmonises groups of people together. There are many challenges that can be successfully addressed and dealt with ongoing when using a professional Laughter Yoga leader. These challenges may include some of the following.

  • Absenteeism
  • Negative, bored attitude
  • Weak relationship links between clients and co-workers
  • Brand feeling is demoralised
  • Motivation is lacking in individuals and teams
  • Lack of enthusiasm is unconsciously passed on to clients
  • Weak health of the team or group
  • High stress levels effect physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
  • Lack of respectful interactions amongst peers

Regular Laughter Yoga Helps Prevent Absenteeism

Current affair TV programs report that disgruntled, tired and stressed employees feel it is their given right to take ‘sick days’ even when not sick, which derives from a feeling that it is necessary in order to keep on going.

People in the workforce in present day society work under tremendous pressure, which if not released through a beneficial activity such as laughter, builds up until we can feel like exploding. This is not a good situation to take home to the family, it brings considerable strain and there is often as well the added stress of fighting the traffic on a daily basis.

Staff retention

Laughter can help bring some life back into work, uplifting those involved. No need for it to be boring or dull. It can be fun and through teams playing together, their sense of humour improves and relationships evolve.

Generally these days more and more employees do not work in a job for life and turn them over as a matter of course. At the same time they have a fear of redundancy hanging over their heads. There is the additional stress that new jobs are much harder to find than they once were, which means they stay on in jobs they don’t enjoy.

People can be unhappy at work, despite higher pay and promotions. Taking time out to laugh can enhance the day and make bonds between workers, who also become more creative and in touch with their inspirations. Motivation and productivity follow on.

Client relationship building

Once polite service was all one could expect, now with greater competition it is necessary to excel and do it differently. Working together in a genuinely happy climate flows through to the customers, who are more acute and on the ball. Marketing has taken on a new path and what was once good is simply not acceptable.

Building a positive brand feel

A happy workplace helps for the public to relate the brand and mission. Everything must be congruent and people will not be fooled by a mental put on farce. Through the power of social media, they are wiser and more acute. In this regard laughter again will help to pull those parts together, helping create the feel of a positive brand. Helping people to be in touch with themselves and each other can mean having a laugh together on all levels.

Laughter lowers barriers and grows trust.

People are drawn to happy and positive people. They sense a scam and like to do business with people they can trust and like. This brings the humanness back into business; we are all connecting together more and networking on many levels. Using laughter as a means to do this makes sense and there is then brought in a feeling of belonging and service.

Increases efficiency

People feel time poor, they have a scarcity mentality with time, money and many other things. Laughter helps create an expanded state, a better mood by releasing tension and negative feelings by a form of catharsis or ‘letting go’.

Negative feelings have been called e-motions because they need for people to be involved in movement to let them go. We can make time our friend and learn to manage it and ourselves more efficiently so that we accomplish more, taking away that feeling of urgency and not enough time.

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