Personal and Spiritual Growth Testimonials

  • Heartfelt Gratitude Lyn for your support and valuable Coaching. At a time when we are all experiencing the impact and ripple effect of Change and uncertainty, it’s been so important to seek help in staying grounded, rising strong, and finding Clarity and focus whilst moving forward. The Coaching/Counselling Modality is crucial for our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness. Thank You. l feel honoured and fortunate to share my Be ing  with You. With Love & Gratitude. Despina Counsel, MindBodyCounsel 
  • I was first drawn to Lynette’s Energetic Hygiene classes a few months back and felt immediately I was in the right place at the right time. Due to her infectiously warm and caring demeanour I have been attending them ever since. The most notable difference I’ve found has been the ability to really feel into and gain a greater awareness of not only my own energies but those around me, those from spirit and those from source. Having this awareness helps when engaging with the daily energetic hygiene resource, setting my boundaries and within meditation practices. This also brings a sense of peace in my day to day life. During these classes Lynette shares resources with us including videos to watch, CD’s to listen to and living documents to read some of which have tasks to engage with. Over time with practice and commitment I have gained more confidence to shine the light over my wounded areas, those things which I previously was not ready to face as well as embracing true unconditional love for myself. I am also learning to integrate a better sense of humility, gratitude and appreciation into my own life experiences. This helps me to feel more grounded and to have a better sense of clarity and feeling of alignment. Even outside of these classes I have found Lynette to be wonderfully supportive and encouraging to communicate with and will always do her best to answer any questions that may arise. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with these classes. Thank you Lynette for all that you do! Lea Beattie, Boronia
  • Some time ago I was doing a course and it required of me to do a placement in a particular job setting and I was very nervous and apprehensive about it. During this time I was lucky to have Lynette Mitchell counselling me. Her counselling skills are very good as she is so intuitive and caring. My placement turned out to be a huge success and I know I have Lynette Mitchell to thank for helping me get through it. I recommend her as a holistic living counsellor to anyone who wants to improve their life. I was in a very dark place and suffered from severe depression. With attending Lynette’s personal and spiritual development classes, together with my determination to get better, my life changed dramatically for the best. Lynne is a very caring and intuitive person, always able to tailor her meditations specifically to suit my needs. In a non threatening environment I was able to unburden myself and given strategies to help see things in a different more positive light. I wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to improve their life. Connie Ferlazzo, Avondale Heights
  • I did five life coaching sessions with Lynette, which was good, light, friendly and I liked her softness and warmth. Yes indeed, I felt very comfortable with Lynette, it did me good – I needed help. The Teacher Appeared, The Pupil Was Ready. I talked a lot and Lynette had great patience with me. She has a special gift – it’s love and warmth, the Being, ‘Being there’. Thanks Lynette. Maree, Brighton.
  • I find Lyn’s personal growth class has helped me think about issues in my life in a different and positive manner. I always come away from a class feeling cleansed and invigorated. I’m learning to face each day as a new beginning and have realised our lives are a work in progress. Georg Mackay, Croydon