Personal Growth

Welcome to a World of  Transformation

Hello, Lynette would be happy to discuss your needs and facilitates laughter and personal growth sessions/classs/workshops of varying length, depending on your needs. She is equally comfortable working with corporate clients as with carers, within schools, you name it! It is often highly desirable to combine a one off laughter session with a short meditation and short explanation about our body’s energetic component.

I would love to assist in self empowerment through teaching people basic Energetic Hygiene and if you contact me, we can do a brief overview over the phone, followed up with an email process. A big focus is bringing Energetic Hygiene to as many people as possible, because I believe in it and feel that people are looking for ways to be more aware of what their body’s energy is about.

In a nutshell, self mastery classes are available by invitation, there is a monthly personal growth workshop, energetic hygiene free call consult and class, life coaching and laughter yoga sessions or workshops, which may, or may not include personal growth/meditation type of stuff.

I have been leading and teaching Laughter Yoga for 14 years and also in teaching self mastery and personal growth classes and workshops on and off for several years. There are done for small groups, large conferences, NFP’s and corporations. Click on headings to learn more.

Personal Growth Workshop

At the moment it’s on the 4th Sunday between 2pm and 3.30pm and it’s a lovely opportunity for self growth. We generally have some sharing and do some breathing, meditation, journaling and art therapy. We on occasions do a few laughter exercises. If you like this and are keen to be in a Self Mastery Class, either in person or over the phone, then go to the Self Mastery page.

Introduction to Energetic Hygiene Class

This may be on the 2nd Saturday, between 2pm to 3.30pm, however is very much done on request for one, two people or more. I am happy to travel to a group setting or talk about a special one off time for you. And you will be held in a safe space, as you learn of the Introduction to Energetic Hygiene class which covers:

♥ Align, Breathe, Centre ♥ Daily Energetic Hygiene process ♥ Meditation Activity ♥ Energetic cords ♥ Protection of energy system

For a free short consult regarding your energetic hygiene and to receive the Basic Energetic Hygiene resource, email me.

Life Coaching One-On-One Sessions

In person or by phone. In person is in a pleasant, non-threatening environment in Ferntree Gully or distance support is available by phone or an App. These days people seem to prefer to start with one or two in person life coaching sessions, followed by telephone support as the need is felt to do so.

You will most likely agree that at times most of us have sought out a friend or professional to help us through our darkest hours. Also we do not have to be ‘broken’, perhaps have lost our sense of the right direction. What is the next step to take? Who can we turn to for help? I hope I can be of use to you! For more information about embarking on a journey of growth and development, to book an appointment email Lynette.

You are also invited to take me up on a complimentary Introductory Call Read More….


Lynette holds qualifications as a Holistic Living Counsellor, Mentor Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Qi Gong Healing, Reiki, Primus and Crystal energy healing.

Holistic Living Counselling and Life Coaching Flyer Attached here and for people to help cope with life. Email for an appointment if you wish to talk first, for a a complimentary 20 minute phone chat. The purpose to see whether we would be a good fit to help you through your difficult patch or ongoing mentoring support.

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