Personal Growth

Welcome to a World of  Transformation

This page gives you an overview of different personal development services that Lynette is able to provide and some of her qualifications. 

Are you reading this because you are stressed and not know which way to turn, or who is available to support you in ways that will be of the most benefit? Perhaps one with the appropriate qualifications, who are themselves walking the talk, grounded and working on their own personal and spiritual development. Such a teacher is valuable and surely, we have all been there, having been in the depths of despair, feeling unable to go on, when all hope was lost. What’s the point of it all? And yet, there was enough, a small glimmer of hope, which we hung on to.

Some reading this will resonate with being a seeker your life’s journey, deliberately drawn to this, wishing to grow, evolve into a better version of yourself, looking for your tribe. Looking for a group of like-minded people who will understand you in ways different to your family and friends.

Perhaps you might like to read further, to get a sense of whether you are in the right place, at the right time. Lynette is a mentor and life coach, who does one-on-one life coaching and counselling in person, or phone. I Energetic Hygiene and Self Mastery classes and am available for Qi Gong and Crystal Healing. Not to forget I am a Laughter Yoga Teacher and include meditation and personal growth in my unique sessions. 

Would it be helpful to receive a complementary discovery call? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’ press the button next, to make your contact with me to book a time, thanks. Love, Lynette.

Energetic Hygiene & Self Mastery Class

Are you ready to give find out about this in person in Ferntree Gully. You are invited to find out and come to a Tuesday night class. Click here to learn more.

Personal Life Coaching One-On-One Sessions

Most will agree that we need other people at times. We have sought out a friend or professional to help us through our darkest hours. We do not have to be ‘broken’ to be in this situation, we may have lost our way. What is the next step to take? Do we know who we can turn to for help? Go to the life coaching page to learn more.

Introduction to Energetic Hygiene Workshop

This workshop is about energy healing and for people responsible for the wellbeing of a group of people. It helps explain how to protect one’s energy system to live a more centred, responsible life. Most of us would be aware how we can be influenced by other people’s energy, to our own detriment. This class helps participants learn about it and be more aware of their energy and those around them. Read about Energetic Hygiene and the Introduction to Energetic Hygiene workshop – Click Here.

Holistic Living Counselling

I have a Diploma and am a qualified Holistic Living Counsellor, this counselling method takes into account the person as a whole being, which encompasses one’s body, emotions, mind and spirit. To read more and go to the counselling page, click HERE.

About Lynette and Her Qualifications

Lynette holds qualifications as a Holistic Living Counsellor, Mentor Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Touch For Health, Qi Gong Healing, Reiki, Primus and Crystal energy healing, Certified International Laughter Yoga Teacher.