Life Coaching

What is Coaching All About?

A coach is there to support and walk alongside you throughout your life, either short term or for the long haul. The most successful people continue to use a coach, which helps keep them accountable and reach greater heights than what they can do alone.

Do you feel flat, apathetic and unsure of your direction? Perhaps the feeling of sameness, somewhat stuck in a rut? Such as a mouse on a treadmill and don’t know how to get off. Alternatively you have gone through change and feel unsure, insecure about what is going on. Perhaps a loss in your life and need some support.

Then again, you feel fine but have lost your mojo and need help with your focus, goals, to be held accountable. In our lives there can come a time when we know we have reached a stage where we need professional help, a psychologist, counsellor, or life coach.

Successful people use coaches

One of the hallmarks of successful people is that they are coachable. No matter how strong or weak their performance is in a particular area, they remain committed to continuous improvement and open to candid feedback. They understand that the purpose of the coaching process is to help them consistently live up to their highest potential.

If we stop growing, we stay the same, which means we are instead atrophying. To feel you are okay the way you are and to stop learning new things and improving your life, is to stagnate and age prematurely. It is very important to keep on learning and growing right throughout your life and to look after yourself on every level. This means physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to ingest a good diet. You know the saying, ‘use it or lose it’.

Would you like to:

♥ Overcome fear, self-sabotage and negative thinking?
♥ Change unwanted behaviour?
♥ Find your heart and your purpose?
♥ Access the energy and power to achieve your dreams?
♥ Become the change you want to see in the world?

One-on-one Sessions

Individual sessions are available, one off or for a longer term, which gives you continued ongoing success. It is suggested to commence with regular sessions. You will know what feels right for you. You may choose to have one and from there book a few regular sessions.

Life Coaching is by phone Zoom or WhatsApp worldwide. These days you can be remote and still feel the actual connection and presence, with Lynette.

You are invited to take me up on a complimentary Introductory Call Read More… For more information about embarking on a journey of growth and development and to book an appointment email Lynette.