Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Benefits of Laughter Yoga Therapy

Laughing is a highly effective therapy, which works on the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. Listed below are important points and for more on Laughter Yoga Therapy, read more….

Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

  • Improved creativity, as natural inspirations will flow
  • Increased light heartedness, smiling and laughing
  • Reduces stress and releases endorphins into bloodstream
  • Reduces depression.  Laughter is cathartic, releasing negative emotions
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improved breathing and blood circulation from aerobic exercise
  • Heart connection with other people happening naturally
  • Endorphins released into bloodstream
  • Muscles – stimulates and releases muscle tension
  • Laughter promotes and enriches brain function
  • A good massage for the internal organs – it’s called internal jogging
  • Greater sense of well being