Personal Growth Tools

Holistic Living Counselling and Life Coaching Flyer Attached here and for people to help cope with life. Email for an appointment if you wish to talk first, for a a complimentary 20 minute phone chat. The purpose to see whether we would be a good fit to help you through your difficult patch or ongoing mentoring support.

Feeling is Healing
Is another wonderful complimentary resource practice that you can work with each day, which is a simple yet powerful process. Feeling is Healing assists one to be more in touch with their feelings. The next step is then to acknowledge them and develop the ability to process and release them whilst rechoosing more beneficial ones. For instance loving oneself and worthiness. Please go to Contact page.

Basic Energetic Hygiene

This is an invaluable resource if done daily, preferably morning and evening, will enhance and enrich your life and relationships. Read more.

Conscious Connected Breathing

This all about breathing mindfully and developing your awareness as you live your life. I will email it upon request. Please go to Contact page.

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