Let’s do it different this Christmas 2020

Let’s do it different this Christmas 2020

Regarding 2020 and this upcoming Christmas I feel to share my experience and feelings, for those who have had similar ones and are looking for alternative ways of coping. The intention is one of planting ideas to help you grow and blossom inside.

What an extraordinary year it has been, so many challenges, stresses, limitations as many of us have never experienced before. At the same time you may have noticed that with the worst things that can possibly happen to us, there comes equally unparalleled opportunities for growth.

We have observed with the advent of Covid-19, limitations placed upon us which we have received with varying amounts of grace and grumbling. It had to happen. The earth, or Gaia as many of us know her, is in dire straits, with her resources being pillaged, and abused. Yet it is not too late! There is still time to turn things around. Hope is not entirely lost.

How this relates to Christmas for me, has been to have stronger convictions to resist the conditioned patterning learnt right from early days, about it being very much about materialism, gift giving and particularly receiving.

Letting go of judgment, as we are all where we are at and for me my life has been about not having strong enough convictions to carry through what has been felt in my heart. That is to not get caught up in all the hype, the stretching of the wallet and using credit card. To feel there wasn’t a choice, which meant rushing hither and thither. It seemed as if everyone in the family would all agree, it would be easier, simpler, more of a haven and peace filled time, to spend less focus on presents and make it about connecting and love. Acknowledging the spiritual and religious meaning behind it all is important also. For many it comes first and foremost.

What I am sharing is my experience and your experience is fine. Unless you feel the pull to do it a different way. And what would that be? Perhaps you can step out of the mould, outword traditions and choose something new. I frequently mention in blogs and personal growth classes about greeting anew. To be able to live consciously in the present moment, aware and responsive instead of reacting. To greet yourself anew is to question whether you are living mindfully, perhaps to before you go to bed journal how it is going. I have a couple of great resources to help you, I will send upon request and you may like to join a class.

This year my experience was different, there was greater resolution to assist with clarity and stronger boundaries to do what felt ‘right’ for me. The alternative was backing down, being influenced by ones with stronger wills to stay with age old traditions.

The alternative is feeling a sense of peace and wellbeing, gone the angst about Christmas and going along with ‘should do this because it is expected and because it is how it has always been done’.

Summing up, reconsider how you go about things, particularly the silly season. You may like to sit and feel into what the whole Christmas season means to you, write it down, so you remember. We can get caught up in what we have to do, thinking there is no choice. We are not victims and can stand up and be counted. Break the mould.

Here’s to doing it differently. Let go of some rules, be kind to yourself. Stop hanging on to things, the past, regrets. What if we greet each day, each moment, as a new day, moment and live consciously? We can achieve pretty much anything we believe we can and living in this way greatly assists. Let’s do it!

Finally an important point is we can not ask other people to change. Our actions may create friction and I have found usually things work out for the best when we hold strong. It helps to have the intention of creating the greatest possible harmony between people. Sometimes new ideas take time to germinate but don’t let that stop you from going for it, gently and with love.

Love and wishing you an awesome Christmas, with loving friends, family, and yourself. Be grateful and kind to yourself. You deserve it.

Lynette Mitchell xo

An Ode To Lynette

Here is a poem, which helps you to understand a little more about me, hope you like it!


There was a young girl called Lynette,
Who heard about a mountain goat named Blanchette.
She decided to change her name to Lynne,
Largely because she wanted to fit in.

After a while Lynne began to feel sad,
Because her husband started to make her feel mad.
Sometimes she was up and sometimes she was down,
Lynne came across as always wearing a frown.

She began her life optimistic, like a fairy godmother,
But over time became wretched, like the ugly stepmother.
Lynne felt so disparaged, without a glimmer of hope.
Without hope, all was darkness, no joy, no scope.

Looking for and giving love, yet living in fear,
So tired, depressed; no hope was near.
Yet she never really gave up, her spirit regained its fire.
Lynne became stronger, resourceful, inspired to move, with desire.

Start a new life with her five children and move on,
On to new pastures, new adventures of her own.
Release the old and put it aside,
Go where she need not live in fear nor hide.

And so it was a new beginning, a new start,
Not easy, but different, with a broken heart.
Over time Lynne grew strong, independent and bright,
Learning many thinks, feeling fluffy and light.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Astrology, Theosophy, painting and sculpture,
A secretary, kids, dogs, rabbits and walking with rapture.
Lynne still felt angry, resentful and depressed,

At least it was her choice now whether to feel repressed.
More new – she now went out meditating and chanting,
The singing and meditation filler her life, was amazing.

Then she went to the Back to Dandenong Town Hall dance,
Where Lynne met her husband John perchance.
Though they remembered each other, it was love at first sight.
He followed her around with mini dim sims, as if it was his right.

Commitment meant things were not always rosy,
Lynne committed to John, they were married, pink posy.
The commitment was scary,
Past experiences made it feel quite hairy.

Still she did not give up, neither did he,
Both as stubborn as they could be.
Well.  Along came Michael and Linda King,
Can you imagine for Lynne what that could bring?

There was light at the end of the tunnel,
Some purpose and plan, for her it would funnel.
A new commitment, which was easy, quite easy,
She now knew what was up, what was down, easy peasy.

Seven years later came a revelation.
Change her name back – what a new situation.
Replace the old, bring in the new, which before ‘Lynne’ was the old too.
Lynette, what a turn about, so goodbye to Lynne and hoo roo.

Now things were flowing, she felt uplifted and grateful,
Her demeanour was far from hateful and her resolve was unshakable.
Today the flow and story continues along,
Lynette feels she can do anything, except sing a song.

There is still a ways to go,
“That’s life” her mentor says, “Make it up as you go”.
And thank you dear audience for your participation,
It has been my utmost pleasure to share with much anticipation.

I remain true and benevolent, humble I reckon and heaven sent.
Love and kisses, Lynette Mitchell, your servant.