Acknowledgements, Birthdays & Anniversaries

During the training for my Holistic Living Counselling Diploma, the principle, Alannah Dore encouraged me to take stock, recognise and acknowledge my achievements; in this case the Diploma I had worked so hard for. Generally, I tended to move on to whatever is next and agree it can be important to take a moment to appreciate oneself and the efforts we put into our lives. Which one do you do? Mark an achievement or perhaps undermine the effort that you put into it and avoid a fuss and bother? It is a great question to ponder and act on, if you feel to.

This blog is to share some achievements and milestones, acknowledging the support of others who helped and supported me all the way. 2022 is a satisfying year so far and it heralds in fruition in many ways. Fruition and then, what is next on the agenda to focus my energy on? I will slip in here too, a reminder to have a nice balance of goals, work or retirement life and making sure too that you have quiet times and fun filled projects and hobbies. Of course, we are usually swinging between the extremes and that is quite normal. Sometimes it is steps forwards, then some backwards. As long as we are maintaining and progressing steadily in our lives, we are on the right track. That is my firm belief and especially, to not be in judgment of ourselves.

It feels timely to share about putting time and energy into looking after oneself, which is particularly directed to the older generation, like myself and my husband John. Be consistent with regular movement, any exercise that you can manage, and be involved with life in whatever way suits your personality. We regularly see a chiropractor and acupuncturist, for support and preventative treatment, which benefits us enormously. Health professionals encourage clients and patients to just keep moving, as much as you can because of a variety of reasons.

That is partly why we have kept the laughter club going now for 17 years in March, to keep up an interest and involvement in life, in addition to the plethora of benefits that laughing together brings. You can feel flat when you start a laughter club session, changing to becoming upbeat and enthusiastic at the end of the half hour.

In a nutshell, my 80th Birthday on 22 April, the 17th Birthday for the Ferntree Gully Laughter Club on 1st April and 8 years for writing for the Studfield Wantirna Community Newspaper.

Studfield Wantirna Community Newspaper

I am most grateful to have the opportunity to share the benefits of laughter and other beneficial things, attitudes, meditation, ideas, in this local paper. I have been contributing bi-monthly for 7 years, beginning the 8th year. Wow, whoever would have thought at the start for it to be ever continuing. So much gratitude to the team and supporters ongoing, my, how time flies.

Lynette’s 80th Birthday

I confess and am proud to becoming 80 in April, which I share with you to encourage you to never ever give up, keep on keeping on, don’t stop, or else you will stagnate and go backwards. That being said, it is also necessary to become more aware of your physical, mental, emotional bodies and take time to nurture and revitalise them. No guilt or self-judgment please!

It is good to be busy, but not good if we do not allow yourself recoupment time, to sit quietly by a stream, on a park bench, whatever works and you will know what a good thing will be to make more time for, if you have let it slip. Despite what I wrote to begin with, there will not be any big celebration, simply a quiet dinner on the day and probably a picnic lunch with the laughter clubbers, who play such an important role in our lives.

Ferntree Gully Laughter Club 17th Birthday

Once again, who could have ever imagined starting out that I would have been doing this for such a period. John joined me about ten years ago, he said he felt sorry for me as no body was turning up and I nearly gave it away many times. Then Pete came, on that last day when we said if nobody shows up today, we will give it away. God bless Pete!

The laughter club has been awesome for all of us, mostly there are six regulars, a small number and it is expanding since I started a Meetup group. In fact, people are travelling an hour to be there.


Thank you all of you who are reading this, of which I have no idea. It is rare to hear back regarding my blog or newspaper article, yet people share they read them from time to time. This ties in with not seeking recognition, to continue as a form of service, what one is drawn to. This also acknowledges you too, where do you live your life selflessly, without any form or desire for recognition?

Human beings can be wonderful, Australians are known for supporting each other in particular, when the going gets tough, due to natural calamities, disease, loss. We can be kind, compassionate, these types of times bring out the best in us, we are more connected on many levels, implying our very own spirit.

Thanks to everyone who has come into my life, John’s and my life, touched it in some way, fleetingly perhaps, or ongoing in some way. I would like to reach back and speak to many people who have had an affect upon me and are way back in the past, unable to get in touch with, or deceased.

Let’s all appreciate each other and ourselves.

I love you and encourage you to love yourself, without judgment, self-accepting and authentic. We are all works in progress, and I appreciate you. Some no doubt reading this will feel I waffle on a bit. Maybe. Others will resonate and feel my heart.

Love always, Lynette xo Sending you and your’s blessings.

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  1. Yipes. Yes positive blog- big tick. I guess thats judging. I think whatever I think or or do or what I want life has its own ideas. Just say thanks for the journey. Pete

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