A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love blog, written for Mother's Day 2024

Written for Mother’s Day, 12th May 2024.

Wishing you a meaningful Mother’s Day, reminiscing, grieving, celebrating, whatever that may be or bring up for you. I felt inspired to share and go within, feeling, as I, probably like most of us, have unresolved past stuff about my mum. It can feel raw, mixed up, filled with gratitude and regret. As we grow, our memories and perceptions usually change. Here it is for your reading and feeling experience. You are welcome to reply to me, especially if it stirs up feelings which you may need help with. Enjoy.

When we are young, for most of us, our mother is our survival as we are totally helpless, dependent babies and small children. Mum is warm, nurturing, always present, her love and attention protects and sustains us.

As young ones, she sustains us with her love and support, filling our lives as only she can, to the best of her ability, with the tools she has or had. No one is perfect, yet as little ones, we see our mum as all knowing, a Goddess, or an Angel. I know that I did at any rate and remember clearly seeing her like a queen in my life, with rose coloured glasses.

As we grow, we may draw apart, seeing her from more critical eyes. This can make us feel sad, regretful, in later life, missing her, the opportunities to be together.

What was or is your experience? Is your mum still living or has she passed away recently, or perhaps a long time ago?

It seems to be a common thing that I often read about when people share on social media, they miss their mum! No matter what age the writer is, or how long it is since their mother has died, they still miss her, even on a daily basis.

Yet our mum’s love, presence, wisdom, uniqueness, is everlasting. Somehow her energy continues to be felt and mum still lives on in your hearts.

Your experience may have been filled with judgment, which is natural as kiddies grow, piecing things together, forming their own personalities. We may grow up wanting to and trying to be different, to do it better, than she did. We unconsciously form limiting beliefs about our mother, which influences us for the rest of our lives.

I feel it is important to make peace with all of this, no matter your own experience. We need to heal within ourselves. Mum did her best, with what she had.

Stop blaming her or yourself for the pain and suffering you gave to each other, if that was the case. Forgive yourself and your Mum. Life is a journey, filled with richness. Experiences that make, break, test and strengthen us in wisdom. Learn from your experiences, share yourself with others, grow in wisdom and self-love.

Your life is a gift from God, whatever you conceive Him or Her to be. Be kind to yourself and allow the past to be let go of, to recede to where it belongs. Live in the present. Greet each day anew and yourself, others.

Our time is not a given. We can do better. Yes. We really can do better!

Our influence may be made positive from our footsteps upon the earth.

Ponder what have been the biggest influences in your life? Mum and parents figure right up there as being some of the biggest, for a time anyhow. Particularly mum’s, which unconsciously moulds us, with patterns, beliefs and programs.

We may leave our mother, become caught up in work, family, hobbies, fun, addictions. At times we miss the nurturing love, the special unique love that only our own mother can provide and the friendship that was possible between us.

Can you bring and embrace yourself with your own unconditional, nurturing love to be able you to feel thoroughly nourished on every level, within and to without?

There is still time, as long as you live and breathe, there is much growth that you can do. Then do it. Make each day count as an expression of your love and hope for the future, for humanity, for this our mother earth.

So much darkness is upon the earth. Do not give up the fight. Soldier on and remember the warmth of your mother’s love, allow it to feel your heart expanding in the night.

Rest up my dear and awake with love, hope and choose joy. Make it a habit each morning and throughout the day to remember to choose joy; it will become palpable, strong in your entire being. No matter what happens. Choose joy.

Love is the only thing that really matters and choosing joy can help us to express and be the vessel for sharing pure unconditional love. It will happen over time, each lifetime, it will increase.

Wake up remembering, be love, choose joy. Be love, feel love, unconditional love, not sentimentality, lose the sentimentality, believe in love. Love nourishes, each night ask yourself, was I kind, loving and choosing joy today?

My parting words to you are – forgive each other, light a candle, or incense, say a prayer, journal, be grateful for everything it was, whether you took the opportunity to embrace your evolution or otherwise. Resolve to do better every day and never, ever, ever, ever give up, for life is a journey and for ourselves and everything else upon Mother Earth. We are all in this together, as one.

Blessings and Love to You,

Lynette Mitchell xo

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