Are You on Automatic Pilot, or Are You Living Mindfully?

Hello Everybody

We are back in the swing of the year now and as people settle into 2024, laughter sessions are going well. Laughing together is such a healthy thing and there are now more opportunities to do so, thanks for Your Library support in this area. 

I have been still working a lot on decluttering and minimising, being present, drawing, walks in the park, meditation, and more. What we make of our life can depend so much on what energy we put into it, the direction we are focusing on and being flexible and adaptable.

Over the years I have let go much wanting to be in control of my life and what happens in it. There seems to be a lot that is out of our control, and yet we can create opportunities, and take them up as they present themselves, out of the blue, unexpectedly.

Have you every been told to be careful of what you wish for? What we put out as a need or want in our lives, consciously or unconsciously, may come about and with it, unwanted consequences. I once heard a simple metaphor about this type of thing, which is if you were to throw a pebble into the centre of a still pond, it expands out and out and out, creating a ripple effect, bringing consequences with it. We may regret the outcome of our action and that is why we often say to be careful of what you wish for.

I feel it is important to have a clear focus and idea of the direction in which we are heading, which can be beneficial in living a mindful life. There is also the concept of co-creating with God, Energies, Spirit, the Universe, Upstairs, whatever you want to call such a positive, supportive, unseen, yet it may be felt, energy. Things are able to come into our lives as if by a miracle, when we let go the fixed viewpoint by which we desire for them to happen and experience in our life.

From my experience when we live in a manner as to be clear about the direction we are going, yet not entirely fixed upon exact details regarding what we want to have happen, is a far better way of doing it. The reason is we can imagine what we wish in a strong mental manner, rather than develop a feeling experience of our future, which is how we may better draw things into our lives, through our feeling nature. I admit it can be most difficult to know what we are feeling, because we are usually too busy thinking, having a strong mental body.

I will explain something here, which is similar. We often share with newcomers that the body does not know the difference between real and fake laughter. When we pretend to laugh, as a general rule, it develops into real, spontaneous, natural laughter. At the same time, even pretending to laugh, will positively change the body’s chemistry, for example releasing endorphins into the bloodstream.

As the subconscious and unconscious mind cannot differentiate between real and unreal, they absorb experiences, thoughts, feelings, intentions, everything, as if it were true.

That is why I feel we need to become very mindful, as shared in the previous edition of this newspaper, because we are constantly creating our lives without even realising it. That’s a bit scary isn’t it? When we watch a movie, read a book etcetera, we may well be creating future scenarios, literally, if we do not consciously tell our unconscious mind that it is made up, a story, and not real.

Unless we learn to think differently, we feel like a victim, that everything is happening to us, we are out of control of our lives, which is of course real but not true. But what we do not realise is that by our very unconscious way of living on automatic pilot, from our learnt patterning and conditioning, we are manifesting our lives all the time, creating things that we do not want to happen, without even realising it.

I apologise if it seems a bit complicated, it is what has come to me to share and I am not underestimating your ability to read and process what has been shared. We need to be the master of our own ship. This can be done by having firstly, the intention of living more awake, aware and conscious than ever before, practicing mindfulness, mindful meditation, walking meditation and developing a good relationship with ourselves, living and loving earth life, joyfully. Whatever feels right for us to do, to follow the breadcrumbs, the feelings, inspiration to do this or that, go here, or there. Have hobbies, love what we do, get and stay involved.

If you feel to come to the laughter club, you will find yourself energised, uplifted, mentally clearer, and be in the company of other likeminded, caring people. Attending a laughter yoga and meditation session at a local library will enhance your experience, as there is time at the conclusion of the laughter to practice mindful meditation.

Lots of Love and Laughter. Lynette Mitchell.

We meet as follows each month:

Ferntree Gully Laughter Club  11am 2nd & 4th Sunday
Boronia Library  11am 1st Saturday
Rowville Library  11am 3rd Saturday
Ferntree Gully Library  2pm 4th Tuesday

First timers, please contact Lynette to confirm, in case of a meeting change.

Phone:          0425 799 258