Day of Joy Workshop Saturday 20th July

Well what a great day of fun and different activities it was. A good day of learning for me too, as previously I have done such a day with other ladies who liked to keep to a strict schedule. This time, we had a timetable with many activities, which we did all of them, yet at the same time the day developed into one where we went with the flow. It was lovely.

How different to be able to get together and play around, dancing, drawing, breathing, mindfulness, meditating, games and more. I love the games. We played Redondo and I would like to acknowledge Bernard De Koven, whose website I visited for more game ideas. He also has a page of fun quotes, which we shared together, reading them out as we felt moved to do.

The Redondo game was great and we became so engrossed with it, drawing doodles, someone else picking it up and naming and the next step was someone else holding it up describing it as if they were an art gallery owner.

The A-Z ‘In my grandmother’s house’ game took 25 minutes and I learnt that from Sebastien Gendry from Laughter Yoga America. It is a great memory game and I am going to test them next time, as I wrote down which words we chose for the different letters of the alphabet.

The day became more individually creative as it wore on and the only thing missing was the home made shortbread. I will have to do better next time.

We have a new date for the next one, which you might like to put in your diary now, Saturday 13th October. The time will most likely be 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Movement was a great thing, we had fun as it evolved, moving to John Denver, pretending to play the fiddle, walk like a country bumpkin, play other instruments and it was all so spontaneous and creative.

I acknowledge my friends who came along and were committed, as there were a lot of last minute cancellations. That was good learning for me as what I would do differently would be accept registrations with payment and establish a refund policy for cancellation.

At any rate the day was great fun and who came along was absolutely perfect.

Sorry not to have taken any photos but I didn’t for once, partly because ‘Mr Incognito’ Pete, the glue who holds the Ferntree Gully Laughter Club together does not like being photographed. I honoured that and didn’t take any happy snaps this time. Be warned Pete, next time I may not be so kind!

The next date is Saturday 12th October. Write that down and be sure to be there if you want more fun in your life.

Lots of  love and fun blessings.

Lynette Mitchell xxx