Unity Focus

I am grounded firmly into the earth plane, deeply embracing a global perspective of my life and this present moment.

Forever one with my Core Essence, my Love flows, like a trickle, a stream, a waterfall, a river into the Oceans of Love.  There the many varieties and colours of the Oceans of Love combine, fully becoming and experiencing the One Universal Love Energy.

Universal Love Energy is One with All That Is and cannot be broken or seen.  Its existence is paramount – the foundation upon which we lay our heads to rest and arise upon awakening.

We awaken to the dawning of a new day, an opportunity to revisit the old and make it new, fresh, evolving, growing, expanding and expansive.  Our free will dictates what we shall do with it, make the most of the opportunity to commence again or waste it!

As each day unfolds, we are given the opportunity to revisit the old and make it different.  Our awakening can happen at any time, daily and throughout our life as we move through our stuff, gaining realisations, revelations and new insights.

Awakening is such an eternal blessing from the Universe, perpetually grounding us and planting our roots deeply into the earthly plane of existence.  Life flows, love flows, like a river as we become one with All That Is through our own Universal Love Energy.