Day of Joy and Optimism

Last Saturday, colleagues and I facilitated a wonderful day at The Hut Gallery, in Ferntree Gully.  It was a lot of fun, as well as being very grounding of our energy.  Kay was a marvellous MC and after we shared who we were and what we wanted to get out of the day, Kay did a lovely clearing meditation.

I am a laughter therapist so next we did a laughter yoga session, mimicking a seagull, ho hoing like Father Christmas, a waltz and many others.  Laughter is most beneficial to do for the body each day and it really got us in the mood, as well as connecting us with each other in a very real w ay.

Diana presented her ‘creativity with crown’, which meant we picked out a crown and other prop if we felt to, and shared what it meant to us.  We could act out a little story about it if we liked. Kay led an intuitive dance, as Kay is a dancer, which was a very beautiful experience. And Carmen played a peaceful angel music cd, and led a sharing after that.

To complete the day I facilitated counselling, listening to music, dancing and drawing our feelings.  It was really joyful, most of us got up and danced our hearts out.

To finish off the day we had another sharing about whether the day had met our expectations and Diana facilitated the Violet Flame Meditation, she is very good at that.  The Violet Flame Mediation is a planetary healing meditation that we all do on a daily basis, as a form of service to Gaia, helping to heal away negative energies.

Love, Joy and Optimism.

Lynette Mitchell xx