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Laughter Yoga Classes And Workshops In Melbourne

Laughter Yoga classes in Melbourne are becoming popular as people hear more about the value of laughter. My message is simple, to remind you to laugh and have fun. I come to you to lead Laughter Yoga which is sometimes called Laughter Wellness, where you will gain an experience of laughing out loud, without using props or jokes. It can be individual classes, although is generally in front of groups and teams in and around Melbourne.

What is Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness?

Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness as it is also called, is a powerful healing modality that is simple, fun and filled with laughter that works simultaneously on the body, mind and spirit. Everyone can practice and benefit, as it is a form of exercise where we choose to laugh, because we can and this is done without jokes or comedy. The benefits of laughter are scientifically documented. It’s a practice that follows a systematic activity approach that guarantees fun and success to all, every time.

How Can It Help Me?

You will experience upliftment, feel energised and reduce stress when you laugh. Laughter Yoga is a fail-safe method which connects people and is a great leveler. Because it works well with groups and teams, it harmonises people who work or live together. You feel lighter, more joyous, cheeky and laugh more. One’s sense of humour is enhanced, recovering your childlike sense of humour. When laughter is used purposefully as a regular exercise, your health will benefit. For more information go here: Laughter Yoga Benefits.  To find out more about Laughter Yoga in business and the workplace please read more.

What Laughter Yoga Classes are Available in Melbourne?

A Laughter Yoga Class or Session can be a short ice-breaker of 15 minutes or up to an hour, which may include a talk on your theme and include relaxation. For your greater benefit of experiencing laughter and understanding the long-term benefits a course of regular weekly sessions is recommended. For more information on booking a session click here.


Focusing now on bringing laughter into businesses initially in the Knox and Outer East areas, who will benefit greatly in their businesses for both employers and employees alike. Following this primary focus comes that of educating students and teachers about the benefits of  regular laughter in their lives. In particular Years 10-12 students, helping them benefit in those very stressful years. That being said, we do provide services for any type of group or team. These include corporate, wellness, retirement villages and carers in all areas, as Laughter Yoga classes become more widely known because of the fantastic value of laughter.

How Much?

As a great return on investment with guaranteed results, this is an affordable way to connect, improve health and energy levels whilst having terrific fun. Laughter Yoga is a proven way to experience a memorable group session. There is a corporate and a not-for-profit rate so please do call me now on 0425 799 258 to discuss your situation. If not available, your call will be returned usually within 24 hours.

Mission Statement

Connect teams, students, groups and communities around Melbourne through Laughter Yoga classes, reminding individuals to have fun, feel joy and de-stress.

Contact Lynette

Phone 0425 799 258 or email to make a booking or discuss why you need to book a Laughter Yoga Instructor.

Laughter Yoga Classes Around Melbourne

Lynette Mitchell, Laughter Yoga Leader in Ferntree Gully Smiling Because it Gives the Body a Positive Message of Good Health