Laughter Yoga Classes Melbourne

What is Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness?

Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness as it is also called, is a powerful healing modality that is simple, fun and filled with laughter that works simultaneously on the body, mind and spirit. Everyone can practice and benefit, as it is a form of exercise where we choose to laugh, because we can and this is done without jokes or comedy. The benefits of laughter are scientifically documented. It’s a practice that follows a systematic activity approach that guarantees fun and success to all, every time.

Laughter Yoga is a fail-safe method which connects people and is fantastic to be used for Professional Development Days. People become energised, feel lighter, more joyous, cheeky and laugh more. It is excellent on all levels of the body, physically it is a great exercise, it enhances emotions, the mental state and spirit.  For more information click Laughter Yoga Benefits To find out more about Laughter Yoga in business and the workplace click Laughter In Business.


Laughter Yoga Classes Around Melbourne

Lynette Mitchell, Laughter Yoga Leader in Ferntree Gully Smiling Because it Gives the Body a Positive Message of Good Health