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Laughter Yoga Teacher, Holistic Living Counsellor and Mentor Life Coach

What brought you here? Is it Laughter Yoga or do you or someone you know need personal support? If the answer is seeking someone qualified in the following, then you have come to the right place. I am qualified as a Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, Holistic Living Counsellor and Mentor Life Coach. Laughter is the keystone of my Laughter For Living profession, which may also be coupled with self help practices like meditation. I lead laughter workshops and sessions around Melbourne and further afield. In that capacity, I encourage ones to relax, meditate and find ways to support their personal growth. See my credentials here.

Introduction to Energetic Hygiene Workshop

This is both privately facilitated as well as for other groups of people wanting to find out about the importance of daily cleaning of one’s energetic fields and psychic protection. I feel it is indispensible in my life, that is for sure. In a recent Introduction to Energetic Hygiene Workshop, participants felt grateful, more peaceful and uplifted following a process. The process is given as a handout which enables people to run with it if they feel to and use on a daily basis. Read more.

Laughter Yoga & Personal Growth Class

We laugh, do art therapy, creative movement, meditation and more. To download a brochure for you or someone who feels they could do with some counselling or life coaching support, then click on Personal Growth.

Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness

Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness as it is also known, is a powerful healing modality which is simple, fun and filled with laughter that works simultaneously on the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Everyone can benefit, it is the sort of exercise where we decide to laugh, because we can and it is done without jokes or comedy. Laughter Yoga is a practice that always guarantees fun and success, the benefits of laughter are scientifically documented. To find out more about laughter, laughter in business, the benefits and Laughter Yoga packages and programs that are available. Go to Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga Classes Around Melbourne

Lynette Mitchell, Laughter Yoga Teacher in Ferntree Gully smiling because doing so gives the body a positive subliminal message of good health.


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