Day of Joy and Discovery Workshop on 30 October

Carmen, Diana, Kay and myself facilitated our workshop day on Saturday, which went really well. This was our third one this year, the next one will be in February or March. Some participants shared:

  • “I liked the beautiful safe container provided by the lovely ladies.”
  • “I liked feeling accepted by the group, having relaxing activities. The meditations were relaxing.”
  • ‘I liked everything about the day.”

The activities included a lovely ray meditation by Kay and several other meditations, some being short ones before the next activity. Diana’s presentation was around our hands, as we use them on a daily basis and can take them for granted. We did some artwork around them which was so interesting, as each of the participants artwork during the day was so radically different from each other person.

Carmen introduced us to some very sound techniques around how to and the importance of grounding, aligning and centering our bodies, using the Energetic Hygiene process.  If you would like to receive this process, email me for your free copy.

What I did was a mandala hour which was an introduction to mandalas. Please ask me for articles on the fundamentals of the mandala if you want to get started on them in your life.  Later on I led a short laughter yoga session. Here are some photos, the first one is when we were drawing mandalas. The next one during the laughter session, which was stacks of fun. Laughter really uplifts and connects us and ourselves on many levels.