Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne, November 2010

In Melbourne twice a year there is a very big spiritual festival in May and November called the ‘Mind, Body, Spirit Festival’ and Laughter Clubs Victoria facilitate laughter sessions for the three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is usually in a prime time position about 12.30pm, which is great to give us a wonderful opportunity to promote the joy and share some of the health benefits of regularly laughter through laughter clubs.

Last November I led the session on the Friday, which was tremendous fun. Usually we do it from the stage and one or two laughter members go down into the audience to encourage people to get right into it, the laughter exercises.

This time we had Laughing Laura visiting with her husband William and a lovely young lady, Doreen, from the Malaysian Laughter Club, as well as Martie, who attends both the Ferntree Gully and Mitcham clubs.

It is always heaps of fun to go up on stage and get involved laughing. This time was a little different, as Laura being an honoured visitor, started it off really well with a great introduction regarding Laughter Yoga and then very soon hopped down into the audience.

The laughter session flowed really well with many laughs being led by the four of us ladies and in a short space of time we were all down amongst the Friday audience who became very involved. On young couple in the front lay their baby down on a blanket on the floor to free themselves up to become totally involved in the exercises.

I decided to join the other three too and the only one left on stage was a little girl of about three years old who obviously loved it all!

What a wonderful blessing laughter is in our lives, to be able to become one with the audience, our hearts and minds were truly connected together in that half hour in a memorable way. I appreciate the gift of laughter and the service that Dr & Mrs Kataria have given to us all worldwide and the opportunity to share it publicly in the City of Melbourne at the Mind Body Spirit Festival twice a year. Thank you.

Love and Laughter

Lynette Mitchell x

MBS November 2010

Lynette, Doreen, Martie & Laura Leading the Laughter.