SelbyFest, April 16, 2011

The township of Selby is in the Dandenongs, that is the Dandenong Ranges mountains and the ancient steam train Puffing Billy runs through there, winding its way up the mountains. Today the Puffing Billy had an extra chore, to transport visitors without cars to the SelbyFest from Selby to Belgrave.

I went to the first SelbyFest today, with much joy, in order to bring Laughter Yoga to

some people. We were set up to do it inside the Tipi and instead did the laughter exercises next to the Tip and finished with meditation inside.

We were first on for the day, so it was a small group of laughers. They threw themselves into it with great enthusiasm, obviously from their positive experience they will be recommending it to their friends. One lady had been a member of my club and a couple of other laughers said they would come along sometime when we get together.

It was a glorious day. I felt extremely blessed to be there, to be involved with this first event. There were many activities happening, as it was a community festival run by the Selby Community House. I was told there were 25 volunteers working hard for six to nine months organising the many activities and events on today and tonight, as there is a folk festival in the house itself.

For me it was a blessing to be involved and watch these local people join in, as there was obviously a team spirit in this little community that is so often lacking in larger townships and cities these days. I had not realised it is a very green and alternative area; people dressed in interesting and at times weird, alternative, bright coloured clothing.

There were others too who were going in the fashion parade. Who ever heard of a little festival having a fashion parade? The local clothing shops were represented and there sure were some pretty groovy outfits being modelled. Finishing up for the day before the evening festivities began, was a fancy dress parade. I was talking with Lulu, who along with her friend, were dressed as clowns. Lulu is studying community work at university and said that she would bring a group along to World Laughter Day at Federation Square, in Melbourne. I believe also that Lulu will do the teaching training some time, as she sees the value of laughter in one’s life. What a great asset having such beautiful young people coming up in the ranks to lead Laughter Yoga Sessions.

For the rest of the day, I put aside my ‘laughter hat’ and promoted my personal growth classes and life coaching. This gave me the opportunity to sit quietly, enjoy the beautiful sunshine and bubbles in the air from a fellow selling bubble makers and observe this beautiful community. Volunteers were wandering around doing work non-stop and I must congratulate them for a terrific, highly successful day. So many people and dogs out to mix and relax. Many of them were there for the entire day and my sense of it all was that it was an uplifting experience. I came home inspired by the SelbyFest 2011 event with the feeling to work together more with people, bringing laughter, meditation and peace when I am given the opportunity to do so.

Thanks for listening.

Love, Laughter and Blessings.

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