Knox Community Health Service

The Knox Community Health Service was established in 1996 to provide a high quality of community care & health education programs to Knox consumers. Knox Community Health Service delivers a range of services that improve the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals, families and communities in the City of Knox.

I had the pleasure of facilitating a laughter yoga session this week for the volunteers, preceding their special lunch and joined them for lunch also. The KCHS as it is generally known relies quite heavily on volunteers and from what I could see spending time with these people, a wonderful way to be of service in the community.

I understand that there are a few positions available for those wanting to get involved, either in a small way or a larger time investment.

The laughter yoga session was a lot of fun and it did my heart good to share laughter with these lovely, giving people, many of whom have been volunteers for decades. The favourite laugh of the day was the Kookaburra laugh, followed by the High Five laugh.

Thank you KCHS for inviting me to be part of your community again, as last time it was for the ACE (active chair based exercise) class. That had quite a different flavour and was for a fairly short time as time was behind. I look forward to returning at some stage to introduce the laughter yoga exercises and breathing to the staff.