When You Have Nowhere to Turn, a Spiritual Growth Class Will Jump Out at You

If you are like me, you have begun your search for inner peace with a spiritual growth class. My first one was at the Gita School of Yoga in Melbourne in 1963. It was called a yoga philosophy class and seemed pretty way out back then. I was 21 and looking for some answers, finding my purpose and path in life, other than as a young married with a baby. We studied Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism by Yogi Ramacharaka for a long time and it seemed very foreign to me in those early days.

Since then I have been seeking and learning, much of it was leaning towards eastern traditions of yoga, always keeping an open mind and particularly towards alternative teachings.

I believe we all are unique and each one’s path is equally unique, as we are drawn towards new experiences, ever leading us upwards and onwards towards our oftentimes, unconscious goal. Can you relate to that? Feeling your goal so far away yet being led somehow towards new experiences, often in a test of faith and with each step revealing a new light on your path. The light is enough, sometimes barely enough, to give you heart to keep going.

If you are feeling stressed out and your life lost its purpose and direction, it could be time for you to follow your instinct and learn something. Anything. It could be that you have stopped moving forward and need to pick yourself up and gain momentum. Then things, your life, will become clearer, as you trust in yourself, your own heart’s knowing.

Nowhere to turn? It could be time for you to belong in a safe group environment, in which case you could attend a class where you will learn to meditate and share with like minded souls.

A spiritual growth class will jump out at you getting your attention when you need to attend it. This can work for anything in our life, when we have a need, we draw that thing towards ourself, we magnetise it. We create our own reality and the clearer we are, the more awareness that we hold, we create and manifest things towards ourself more quickly. Look at goals and anything of our choosing. Goals can be very slow to come to fruition because we do not hold enough focus and our mind wanders.

One valid reason for taking yourself to a regular spiritual growth class would be because you want to make friends with your mind. To stop it’s incessant thinking, worrying, round and round, until your energy levels drop and you are constantly stressed.

I believe that most such classes would use various tools with which to help to tame and calm the mind. They would generally teach meditation and yogic breathing exercises. The body is tough and at the same time can be extremely sensitive. The reason that I say this is that everything flows together and is effected by each other. Breathing affects the emotions, the mind, the spirit. We could say, introduce here that it is a 4-body system. The physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. This is the most elementary way of explaining that to live a joyful, peaceful life, we need to be balanced, have self discipline and have union within all aspects of our body. If we are not right with ourself, we cannot be right with others. Not in our relationships, nor our work or play.

I encourage you to be kind to yourself and live harmoniously with yourself and the universe. Blessings to you.