Inward Dialogue Journal of Discovery

I love to cook a lot.

Things all go into the pot.

Pot of stew, beef rendang,

Rendang, yum, hails from India.

India where she is rich with gurus.

Gurus aplenty, this type and that.

That village with stray dogs and temples.

Temples to tempt you.  Come on in!

In to the temple, smell the incense.

Incense to delight you, soothe the senses.

Senses, can you trust them? Can you really?

Really think and feel into the senses, trust.

Trust, the senses are clouded by the past.

Past issues, wonderful, remarkable events.

Events best forgotten, returned to the past.

Past moments of glory and of disappointment.

Disappointment is linked with attachment.

Attachment to success, to achievements.

Achievements can be wound up in projections.

Projections may be yours and are mine too.

To be happy, authentic, in the moment, in time.

Time that is yours and mine; a friend ticking.

Ticking, can you feel time on your journey?

Journey into the self, your special place.

Place where the peace may be perpetual.

Perpetual and perhaps an inner sanctum.

Sanctum of inner synchronicity, connected with universe.

Universe as within, so without.

Without universal support, no co-creation.

Creation on a singular level alone.

Alone in the world, standing alone, unseen.

Unseen by the masses, caught up in illusion.

Illusion like a magician weaves and conjures.

Conjurer, we would love to believe what we see.

See and yet, know it not to be so.

So far from the truth, that I know.

Know that as I get clear, I can trust my heart.

Heart full of hope, courage, joy and optimism.

Optimism, for without it, all is lost.

Lost like the battle, for the want of a nail.

Nail it, each one, go for it without hesitation.

Hesitation means self doubt and lack of faith.

Faith in oneself, the universe, mentor and creator.

Creator pushes one forward, with an impulse.

Impulse, feel it, feel the connection, the flow.

Flow from Source, Source to own Source Centre.

Centre, from a single dot within me.

Me and You.  We are essentially One.

One is all there is.  One is complete.

Complete, like returning home.

Home we ride together, as if on a magic carpet.

Carpet of past illusions, masks, released, let go.

Go now, you will, I will, we will together.

Together again, we stand in service, united.

United in love, joy, compassion, joining once more.

More and forever, beyond forever, that is a long time.

Time again.  Yes, we have enough.

Enough time to fulfil our purpose and plan.

Plan to succeed, know it to be so, we have the right.

Right is on our side, we are love and together we rise.

Rise up and believe in yourself, finish only laziness.

Laziness is the devil’s work and we are one together.

Together, as love, united we stand.

Stand up for our right to fight, with might.