Laughter for all – BIG and small

Why do humans laugh as we do?

Indeed we laugh at this and that.

Maybe not enough, it can start with a chat.

We all need to laugh each day, you know that!

Conventionality, long words make us ponder.

Away we go, our minds go down yonder.

Mentally caught up in everyday matters.

We think too much, our mind simply chatters.

And emotions, we feel those quite a bit.

In the emotional department, we can take a hit.

Spiritually however, we might feel so strong.

Strong in the senses, feeling no wrong.

To laugh out loud does save the day.

Make it a good habit when things go astray.

For laughter is contagious and so uplifting.

Very infectious, whether with smiles or chuckling.

Do you value the service to laugh with a friend?

Laughter whether for issues or sadness, will make amend.

It is the best medicine and will make you feel quite whole.

In such a unique way, it helps you to fill your role.

So grin away, invite your whole body to join in.

Leave no part out, not even your chin.

Laugh out loud, using your whole belly.

For belly laughs assist you to feel very jolly.

Then Google Laughter Clubs and see what you come up with.

If you need to laugh and get close, it will heal the rift.

Laughter Clubs are for people of all ages.

They come from all over the globe and go up on stages.

My final word to you, Dear Reader,

There is nothing like laughter to get you healthy,

Abundant and cheerful, light hearted and wealthy.

So go on, enquire, email, ring up or just simply turn up.