Energy Field Clearing and Laughter Club Meetings

This blog shares how clearing your energy field ties in with the laughter we do together. At the end of laughter meetings and other public sessions, I lead a short harmonising energy meditation because it is something I personally practice and believe it to be most valuable. It is called ‘Basic Energetic Hygiene Resource’ and is an important part of my weekly personal growth/energetic hygiene classes. You can also engage in this regularly in your everyday life.

As it is an important topic, it felt timely to tell you about it, as you may be unfamiliar with the concept of energetic clearing and it may be of interest to you.

Here is its introduction, as displayed on the Laughter For Living website. “How would you expect to feel if you carried around years’ worth of accumulated debris and toxins? Probably pretty terrible. Without our being aware of it our auric field (which consists of the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body) collects and stores all kinds of things: mental debris, emotional residue, negative energy, pollutants, accumulations of old energy that has never been cleared, energy from others and stagnant energy etc. Just as we shower and bathe our physical bodies to keep them clean, so we need to do the same for our energetic bodies. It is essential that we regularly cleanse and clear our system.”

How Energy and Laughter Work Together

Everything is energy which is vibrating at different frequencies or speeds. Understanding this, can you think of anything that is not energy? Energy can be heavy, coarse, solid, slow moving and it may feel lighter, more refined, even ethereal. Examples are molecules moving in walls or wood, even concrete, at miniscule rates. Then there is faster energy vibrating within us, in nature, the animal kingdom and everything that exists here on planet earth.

Faster moving vibrations of energy can be termed positive and slower vibrations called negative energy. flat. We do our best at laughter club making a point to be upbeat, positive and cheerful. Individually we may begin feeling a little flat, which quickly goes once we start laughing.

Whatever we do when we gather to laugh together is carried out for the purpose of uplifting ourselves and each other, which we then take away with us when we leave that day. Laughter exercises the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, individually and collectively. Laughter is uplifting and raises your frequency vibration to be positive, somewhat similar to the energetic hygiene clearing that I conduct in class. Laughter potentially can be life-changing; as we change, naturally and spontaneously, we automatically assist others, which rolls out energetically around the world. Yes! Our influence is far reaching and does make a difference.

Are we Victims or Are we Responsible for our Energy?

No! We are not victims, although we often feel like everything is happening to us and in particular, growing up, learning about life, are possibly viewing life in that manner. The fact is that we are all responsible for our energy and what we set forth in motion. When we are aware of this, we can feel responsible for what we do, such as how we speak to others. 

The Ferntree Gully Laughter Club member understand that we have to energetically and enthusiastically throw ourselves into the laughter exercises. We deliberately laugh and spend time together as adults, in playful, childlike fun. We allow ourselves to be involved in child-like fun, to act silly, sing songs, breathe deeply, clap and laugh. By throwing ourselves into the activity, over time we naturally let go of inhibitions, raise our energy, feel uplifted, joyful and ready to go forth into the world again with hope and positivity.

Also to be aware of, our energy becomes lighter and we release and let go of ‘stuff’ that is dragging us down. This partly clears our energy fields, although in a different manner to when using the Basic Energetic Hygiene Resource. I trust you can see the value in both activities, i.e. laughter yoga and the energetic hygiene resource. 

If you want to learn more about this free Basic Energetic Hygiene resource, contact me and if you mention this blog, you are entitled to book a complementary class or one-off session.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to arrange for a chat if you feel to, with any questions that you might have regarding either the laughter club or energetic hygiene classes I run, online and in person.

New people are ALWAYS WELCOME! It does not matter what age or anything else that you can imagine. 

Lots of Love and Laughter, Lynette Mitchell.