Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations, Grief and Loss.

Do you love having birthdays? At laughter club, we do and celebrate member’s birthdays with a cake. It is an opportunity for people to feel accepted, loved, have a sense of belonging and sometimes, to get over self consciousness.

I feel to talk about the elephant in the room, because at this time of the year, coming up to Christmas, many of us will find the festive season very difficult. It is all right to be as we are, to take our time with healing and very likely, there will always be a hole, albeit a place of wounding in our heart.

You will no doubt agree that nothing will ever be the same since Covid struck us. I hope you find this piece of writing to be of some comfort and encouragement in your life. My sincere apologies if I miss the mark. I welcome you to contact me also if you need to talk and receive support.

My view is that life is about experiencing living to the fullest, growth, evolution, to be of service to ourselves and to all of life as we meet everyday things. We need to move on and feel as we feel, which is not go to into self-pity, instead to find joy in small everyday things.

Gratitude is another key, as we can be grateful for way more than we may imagine. Joy and gratitude open our hearts, allow us to feel a connection with our spirit, nature, and God, however you conceive God’s energy to be. We sometimes need to regain lost faith in life, after losses in our lives. The losses may be personal or the closing of a chapter, unrequited desires or work things going awry.

Okay so that is enough of the doom and gloom. I might add here that I speak from personal experience, as our son died three years ago. He was not sick very long and we all know that one’s kids are not supposed to predecease us, yet they do. We also in the last three years had a brother, sister and two brothers-in-law die. Losing one’s pets can also be the most devastating time for animal lovers. Who would disagree with that?

There is a gift in every situation and my understanding is that our hearts need to break, to expand them with deeper love and compassion. Another aspect is the opportunity to reflect on our life and relationships.

Now some cheerful stuff. We can choose how we feel, be self-determining and look to life in a positive way, no matter what we have been through. We can gradually work through healing and integrating our losses, looking forward with hope and understanding. We acknowledge what or who is missing in our life, incorporating new opportunities and a growing awareness of looking after oneself.

We are loved and supported by the Energies of life and can become stronger, more resourceful, after the most difficult times. In fact, I have heard and believe our spirit draws closer when we are in the deepest trough, which are our most incomprehensively difficult periods in our lives. I am not sure why that is. We can treat it like a working hypothesis, that there is great learning to be had each day. We have the opportunity to get up, start again, do better and be a loving, supporting, human being. I believe in you!

Looking After Yourself

You need to look after yourself first and foremost, as you are no good to anyone or anything else if you are not at your best. This includes having a healthy diet, enough sleep, taking time out for hobbies, meditation if you choose to, and in general, to understand that your body is important. It is a privilege and a gift from Gaia, our earth mother, and we must honour and respect it. It is normal to slip up and want to be lazy. Ask yourself if you are doing your best each day and if you like at the end of the day, sit quietly, review your day, and learn from it for the next day.

Part of self-nurture is about Neuroplasticity, to create new brain neurons, through having experiences in your life. Topmost I feel is the value of adding laughter to it daily. We need to interact with others, to hug, if it is appropriate, to be involved in art, singing, exercise. The following things are beneficial to rewire the brain.

Being artistic, which can take many forms. Laughing, singing, dancing, gym, or other exercise. Learning a new skill, a musical instrument, or innumerable things. The stimulation that travel can provide, also reading and even fasting, it is beneficial to rest your body and fast for 18 hours. Expanding your vocabulary and sleeping sufficiently. There are many things that will keep your body healthier and allay the effects of aging. I suggest we be vigilant and make every effort to remain involved in the process of living. Good luck to you! Thank you for your interest.

Ferntree Gully Laughter Club

Laughter club returns on Sunday 22nd January at 11am. First timers, please message, email or ring Lynette before you first come. Here is a link to the laughter club page.

Lots of Love and Laughter,

Lynette Mitchell. xo

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