Laughter Yoga Exercises

At the Ferntree Gully Laughter Club, we do not use props or tell jokes. It is as simple as can be. We come together, in play and have childlike fun in a natural and spontaneous manner.

We do this by practicing how to laugh with some ‘formal’ Laughter Yoga Exercises to begin with which flow on. Laughing by choice is referred to as ‘fake it till you make it’ because the body cannot distinguish between between fake and real laughter. It begins with pretend laughter, quickly changing to genuine belly laughter.

The name Laughter Yoga refers to the deep yogic breathing that we do which is important to connect the whole body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. After each laughter exercise, we clap three times saying Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha and then take deep breaths. Or else we say Very Good, Very Good, Yay with our hands stretched up in the air. Laughing this way we connect with as many people as possible, using our eyes and our hearts.

Below is an example of some of the laughter exercises which may help you understand how it all goes. If you like, you can download a sample page of laughs that we regularly practice here: Laughter Session Laughs.

Greeting Laughter: Begin the session by shaking each person’s hand, with a hearty laugh.
High 5 Laugher: Give each one a high five and laugh. Then you can change hands and do two high fives.
Cell Phone Laughter: Pretend to hold a mobile phone up to your ear and laugh.
Lion Laughter: Fully extend tongue with wide open mouth and eyes, make like paws and roar like a lion in any direction roaring and laughing. This one is taken from Hatha Yoga and is very good for thyroid gland.
Angelic Laughter: Smile like an angel or a baby, the most beautiful smile that you have ever seen. This gives you an angelic feeling and helps access our first memory of laughter stored in the deeper parts of our consciousness.

You can do these exercises by yourself or you may like to join us as a regular laughter club member. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or using the contact form on the website.