Laughter Yoga in Business

Laughter For Living’s uniqueness is in combining laughter yoga with personal development, incorporating relaxation and energy healing in the sessions. Participants share feeling upbeat and relaxed after the combination of laughter and a guided relaxation/meditation session. Lynette’s professional focus is to attend where the time is related to health and healing, which means an ideal combination of laughter and meditation, which will enhance both individuals and groups.

The workplace resembles a hierarchy and lately it appears that employees are working under tremendous, health killing pressure. Employees appear to harbour a growing resentment towards their employers, which is not helped by remote work situations. Fortunately The greater work relationships are, the happier workplace, the greater the rewards and benefits. Laughter Yoga is used to improve workplace situations and is a great return on investment. It is a proven harmonising method which is by far, the simplest, most effective tool to help break down barriers, connecting people.

Although here we have referred to laughter in business, it is applicable to any group situation, which may be related to the Carers in our society, Professional Development Days and we also cater for smaller businesses and groups. It is fabulous for a one off team building day and equally gives far greater benefits when implemented on a regular basis, for example fortnightly or monthly.

“I had never done laughing yoga before but last week participated in an online zoom class. Lynette was very professional and made everyone feel comfortable, she also gave knowledge of the benefits that laughing yoga has on the body and general life. After the class I definitely felt more relaxed, happy and overall well. I have been telling all my friends about it and definitely recommend it to anyone interested. Thank you so much Lynette.” Renee, Reach Out and Connect Project Worker, Orana Neighbourhood House.

The Healthy Living Workshop was an absolutely refreshing and rewarding experience for me. As a mother with heavy commitments to work and family, my mental and physical wellbeing is often neglected and seen as less important. During the workshop, the light-hearted but effective activities (such as meditation, laughter yoga) targeting stress relief allowed me to realise the importance of a healthy and relaxed mind. I am so grateful to have participated in this workshop and hope that more people (especially overwhelmed mothers!) are aware of the importance of healthy living.” Cherie, Sydney. – Testimonial from overworked businesswoman.  

Press the button below to book yourself in for a Free Discovery Call and share your requirements, when, for what group of people, whereabouts, on Zoom or is it to be in person? Try a one off session and consider a regular time for a Laughter Yoga session package, which is affordable and provides far greater benefits.