Personal Growth

Welcome to a World of  Transformation

Lynette facilitates Energetic Hygiene and Laughter Yoga/Personal Growth workshops both privately and for outside organisations. Read more by clicking on the heading which is a link to finding out more. From there you are better informed and can email or phone to discuss any services and to book in.

Self Mastery and Personal Growth Classes

Lynette is now offering Monday afternoon and evening classes which will be a great opportunity to receive support in which enables you to work on your own self-empowerment. This is for you if you feel you want to work towards self mastery, in which you become able to help and support yourself without becoming dependant. Read more.

Laughter Yoga & Personal Growth Workshop

These run monthly for two hours and provide a wonderful experience of Laughter Yoga and various activities to support your self-empowerment and personal growth. We will begin to:

♥ Become familiar with Laughter Yoga ♥ Practice meditation ♥ Do art therapy for self support ♥ Get in touch with the inner you ♥ Have fun with like-minded people ♥ Use your body with creative dancing ♥ Energetic Hygiene

Introduction to Energetic Workshop

The Energetic Hygiene Workshop is for 1-1 1/2 hours monthly on a Saturday. Expressions of interest for other times are invited.

We will be held in a safe space, as we share what we feel is appropriate about our understanding of personal energy and will cover:

♥ Align, Breathe, Centre ♥ Daily Energetic Hygiene process ♥ Meditation Activity ♥ Energetic cords ♥ Protection of energy system

Holistic Living Counselling and Mentor Life Coaching One-On-One Sessions

New is not only doing this by telephone or Skype, you are also invited to be physically present in a pleasant, non-threatening environment in Ferntree Gully if that is your desire instead of the less personal distance coaching.

My experience is that of seeking out someone in my life at different times. These have been in my own self discovery search and also at times of transition or when I have been at my lowest ebb. I have needed someone to guide and support me. Likewise I have professional qualifications and work in supporting other people as they look to another too, as I have done. We do not have to be ‘broken’ we may feel that there is a next step to take as we are then magnetise what we need at the time. I hope I can be of use to you!

For more information about embarking on a journey of growth and development and to book an appointment email Lynette.

You are also invited to take me up on a complimentary Introductory Call Read More….


Lynette holds qualifications as a Holistic Living Counsellor, Mentor Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Qi Gong Healing, Reiki, Primus and Crystal energy healing.

Holistic Living Counselling and Life Coaching Flyer Attached here and for people to help cope with life. Email for an appointment if you wish to talk first, for a a complimentary 20 minute phone chat. The purpose to see whether we would be a good fit to help you through your difficult patch or ongoing mentoring support.

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